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Zip world is the flagship of North Wales outdoor adventure activities center which was set up in 2013 in the Snowdonia region.

The original and first Zip world zip wire to be set up is called “Velocity”. It is situated in Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda, Snowdonia. Is the Longest Zip line in Europe and the fastest Zip line in the world!! It rises 500 feet high and spans a blooming long way. You can travel at up to hundred miles hour -whilst strapped into a horizontal harness face down.. take the Push of faith over the edge and down through the scenic valley at eye watering speeds. Expect a serious Adrenalin rush. It is the closest people could experience the nearest thing to flying and it won international acclaim when it opened in 2013.

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Shortly after in 2014 zip world opened “Titan” the new zip line in class. There is a new branch of Titan opening in 2017 with is a 4 person, 2 kilometer zip line split into three sections Alpha, Bravo and charlie. The Alpha Zip line is the longest of the three, then there is a short scenic walk to Bravo Zip line, The Charlie Zip line takes the zippers back to Llechwedd slate cavers where they started the adventure. Llechwedd slate caverns is a historic slate mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, Snowdonia.


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The zip world haven’t just stopped at their zip lining fraternity they have now expanded extensively into other adventure avenues opening up

Llechwedd underground Caverns, Bounce below and Zip World Forest. They are soon to be opening a new Adventures Zip world Fforest Coaster which is on the cards for 2017.

Zip World Slate caverns is situated in Blaenau Ffestiniog and they have a experiences for Adults and children alike. It consists of an underground maze of activities,zip wires Via Ferrata style clip on climbing, trampolines and much more. It is akin to an assortment of underground mini high ropes activities, where children and adults gets harnessed up add safety carbeenas and they move through different compartments of the underground slate quarry. There are metal towers to jump from and zip from were they move from one point to another. It’s kind of like a treetops assault course but underground in slate quarry which we think is a fantastic idea! The lighting is amazing and the pictures of it look fantastic we have yet to have a go at this and we are seriously excited about going to do it. The former tourist location (Llechwedd slate quarries) has been upgraded massively since The Zip world family got involved.

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As mentioned previously Zip have a Fforest adventure center is one of their most recent acquisitions which was formally known as Treetop Adventure Center in the Betws-y-coed region of Snowdonia.

Adventurous youngsters and adults alike get to go on a journey through the canopy of trees on a “ zip Safari” They also have high adrenaline free fall jumps, Plummets jump and a giant five seater swing called the sky ride.There is also an Trail was also keep any little adventures quite busy if they are not of age to take part in the other activities. It is described as a “holistic journey through the canopy of trees on a zip Safari an incredible net adventure hung in the treetop treetops!”

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There is an on-site café is where people can refuel and relax and there is an extensive amount of information on their website regarding all of the above.
Set for 2017 is Zip Worlds unraveling of the “Fforest coaster” which will be released in the summer. It can be best described as a toboggan going through the forest at exhilarating speeds . You start your adventure in the heart woodlands taking your sledge on your own or in pairs and travel on the uplift to the trees, you will then fly thorough Forest taking in the wonderful scenery as you go. Sound cool and another great addition to North Wales. Well done guys keep it up.

Out in 2017….Image Courtesy of Zip world.

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