Windsurfing in North Wales

Not only is windsurfing an awesome time, it can be extremely exhilarating as you lean back and dip towards the water moving at speeds of unto 25 knots. You have probably seen pictures of the sport, but seeing pictures and experiencing the thrill of water under your feet and wind in your sails is another story. Here in north Wales windsurfing is one of the top sports due to the consistent on shore westerly wind we get all year round.


What Is Windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a sport in which you utilize a sail that is mounted on top of what is the equivalent of a surfboard. By directing the sail and leaning on the board, you can navigate the ocean, a lake, or any other body of water. All that you need is a source of wind.

Modern surfboarding was developed in the 1900’s when a young man, Newman Darby, decided to mount a handheld sail to a universal joint and place that on a surfboard. The sport caught on instantly almost and the first companies producing a windsurfing board was started in the 1960s.

The typical sailboard is 2.5 meters long and can range up to 3. A freely rotating universal join is mounted around three quarters of the way towards the bow of the board. Then a mast and boom are attached to the joint. The sail is then flown from mast.


No matter where you are around the world, there are people who enjoy windsurfing. North Wales is one of the greatest places to engage in this sport. Want to find out why? Keep reading!


Why Windsurf In North Wales?

North Wales is the perfect place to go windsurfing because it gets wind required to enjoy the sport. Without wind, your windsurfing kit is only going to get so far. But Wales has more to offer than just wind. There are beautiful beaches, amazing summers, and plenty of sun.

There are sandy beaches in North Wales that are lesser known and get very less attention, giving you time to relax and adventure on a sailboard without having to worry about others.


Beaches are a great place to base your windsurfing from and many people like to start at a beach. It gives them a place to base their sailboarding out of and allows them to easily get the board out on the water. However, you can also base your windsurfing from a dock or a boat. There are plenty of options for you. Most famous beaches for windsurfing in north Wales are Rhosneigr beach, new borough beach and along the shores of the menai straits. There is nothing stopping you windsurfing at any of the beaches on anglesey though and there are many beaches to choose from. Westerly / South westerly onshore winds are a favourite with locals for the sport as it means they can reach across the bays and back at high speeds. Offshore winds are not so perfect.

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Another great benefit of North Wales is that there are plenty of companies around the area. These companies can rent you the sailboards that you need but they can do more than that. The local companies are experts at helping you find the right location to go and enjoy the water. You also have the option to book classes through local companies or have an instructor go out with you.

Local Pro Phil Horrocks cruising about

What Do You Need to windsurf here in North Wales?

In order to go windsurfing you will need to get a board, sail, mast and few other parts that connect everything together, as well as a wetsuit and harness. There are two options for the equipment. The first option is to go out and purchase a windsurfing equipment, They are not cheap though, and people who are just trying to explore the sport while they are venturing North Wales should maybe better use rental or hire from some of the links below.  You can rent a windsurfing equipment from a variety of different companies around North Wales.

All year round people in the know in north Wales windsurf in a wetsuit. Many companies will allow you to rent a wetsuit to help keep you warmer during the months of rather chilly water we have here in Wales!

If you truly want an experience that you will be able to remember for years to come, windsurfing in North Wales is a great way to get that. Take a look around Wales and you will find a variety of amazing companies to help make your trip amazing. If you want to find some of the other amazing opportunities that you can have in North Wales, make sure that you browse our website. Good luck and get adventuring!

Local Pro windsurfer Phil Horrocks doing his acrobatics on his local beach


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