Wakeboarding in north Wales


One of the biggest categories of activities in North Wales is watersports. With beautiful beaches and plenty of places to access the water, it isn’t much of a surprise. When it comes to watersports there are many options. Today we are going to look at a very fun, adrenaline filled, sport. Wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding is a watersport that uses a powerboat to pull boarders on the water. The board used very much resembles a snowboard or a skateboard without wheels. These boards can get going pretty fast and it is a fun challenge to try and stay upright on one.

To make the sport even more exciting, some locations add water jumps and obstacles that you have to learn to avoid. The more there is in the water, the more thrill you can experience.

Never wakeboarded? That is okay, many people who come to North Wales haven’t and that is why there are multiple companies that can help you to learn. They are also great options for those who are experienced and want a chance to get out on the water.

Glasfryn Wakeparc

Glasfryn Wakeparc allows you to experience all of the fun of wakeboarding without the need to have a boat. The parc uses a cable to pull wakeboarders across one of several lakes. While one lake is designed for beginners the get progressively harder as you try the different lakes.

The best part of Glasfryn is that there are instructors on hand to give you beginner instruction if you have never wakeboarded before or to help you master tricks if you are ready to be more advanced.

Don’t worry about having the stuff you need to wakeboard, the wakeparc can provide it all. They have flotation devices, wetsuits, wakeboard, and helmet.

visit : http://www.glasfryn.co.uk




Offaxis is a wakeboarding business that specializes in getting people of all experience levels out on the water. You can certainly go out and enjoy one of many watersports at Offaxis but you can also take the opportunity to enter the Offaxis Academy.

Towed behind a jet boat, Offaxis will give you instruction on either beginner topics or more advanced level wakeboarding if you are experienced. With BWS approved instructors, you can get into the fun with less worry.

Here are some other activities you can do at Offaxis are Surfing, Kiteboarding, Waterskiing, Standup Paddle  Boarding, Kayaking.

visit : http://www.offaxis.co.uk

Glass Butter Beach festival

If you are an experienced wakeboarder then you can try your hand at one of the biggest wakeboarding events around the world. Glass Butter Beach hosts the GBB Quadra Crown. During this competition, boarders will experience multiple different challenges and areas. The GBB Quadra Crown uses tow ropes and pools so that they are able to create unique experiences every year.

Don’t wakeboard? Don’t worry. Many people from around the world come to watch the GBB Quadra Crown. There will be plenty of vantage points for people to enjoy the action.

Visit : http://www.glassbutterbeach.com

Rhosneigr Park Jam

Another wakeboarding event is the Rhosneigr Park Jam. Not only is there wakeboarding involved but the obstacles and jumps go beyond the GBB Quadra Crown. You will get to see structures and unique obstacles. There aren’t just wakeboarders but also kiteboarders who participate in the fun.

An event like this wouldn’t be complete without the attendance of a live DJ and/or band to help bring up the mood of the crowd.

The 2017 Pro Event is between September 30th and October 6th. For the festival make sure you are around 6th, 7th, and or 8th of October. If you want to participate there are prizes for the top 3 in both the men’s section and women’s section.

Visit : http://www.rhosneigrparkjam.com



Other Options

There are plenty of other watersports companies out there. You can pick from one of many of them. Just look through our listings on the website and other articles and you will find other watersport options, including wakeboarding.

Get out on the water and start enjoying the sport of wakeboarding. It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting North Wales or a resident. You will enjoy it either way. The more times you go, the easier it will become.