The Beacon Climbing Centre



The Beacon climbing center is the flagship climbing center for North Wales. It was formerly held up on top of a very remote and scenic mountain pass in Caenant, Snowdonia. It was situated in a very old historic building called the Marconi center which is the first center to transmit a wireless signal from one side of the Atlantic to the other and it held quite a lot of historic importance. The climbing center was sunk into the bowels of the building it was an incredible place to go for a climb! It was enormous space that they creatively filled with amazing walls and rooms back then. The Beacon center has had a very strong following as a company and they have have been very consistent throughout the years with their business really delivering a lot of fun and value.

The Beacon climbing center has now moved and it still attracts a very high spectrum of climbers of all standards and abilities. It is now situated in the Cibyn industrial estate in Caernarfon which means that it is quite a lot more accessible than its original site!

They have loads of parking and they really have upgraded it to that you have a lots more natural light coming into the building which we love. There is lots of different types of climbing problems and different climbing walls for children and big burly adults with a big emphasis in the back room for activities for the younger audience.

Lots of fun things to do! image courtesy of the beacon climbing center.

They’ve really opened the building up quite a lot which we found fantastic and the leading and top roping walls there are great. There are many different styles of problems from overhangs to straight walls from easy to sheer scary!

There are lots of lead walls there with some of the higher end of the high end graded climbs going up to 7B/C , starting from around 4a (quite easy if your new to climbing speak!)

Quite a variety to choose from.. Image courtesy of the beacon climbing center.

They have fantastic route setters with the likes of Emma Twyford there who is a leading British climber at the top her field alongside other super pro climbers who all help with the route and problem setting.Also on the site and they have they have a great bouldering wall as wall with loads of cool problems to solve!

Great bouldering problems to solve. Image courtesy of the beacon climbing center.

There is again a fantastic facilities in the Beacon Center with restaurants serving coffee and all manner of cakes and teats and there is a great place to sit and watch from the gallery above. If you’re with your children and if you’re not a climber that’s cool and you can sit back have a coffee and use the wifi to browse!

There is also great climbing lessons to be had by excellent instructors. Wales boasts some of the some of the best climbers now in the world and a lot of them like to work in these great centers so you can be rest assured that the level of instruction is of the high standard!

What a great place to hang out! Image courtesy of Beacon climbing center

Like most climbing centers there is a massive sense of community which s really nice, and there are lots of things that are showcased on there such as Climbing movies and theme nights, plus competitions!

We hope you get a chance to visit it and enjoy!


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