Surf Snowdonia



Surf Snowdonia is the first Inland wave Garden to be created in Europe. This is a massive project that spans quite a big area in the Dolgarrog region of the Conway Valley in Snowdonia.

It is in a beautiful idyllic setting and the facilities and the team that runs of Snowdonia are fantastic.

For those of you who are not surf minded, how it works is there is a big and underwater RAM which pushes a massive amount of water as moves forward and it generates a wave on the surface of the water. This moves both ways so there is two ways systems one moving north on the South for huh?!

As you can see it looks really fun and the beauty of it in North West Wales where we tend to have rather fickle surfing conditions it is somewhere that you can go to hone your surfing skills when there is not a ripple of surf on the water!

A birds eye view of the site, well kinda.. Image courtesy of Mpora


My friends absolutely love that, and the wave is nice it’s not too steep it is quite predictable and the setting fantastic. There is great spectrum of other facilities on the site they have a what they call a big blob so it’s a large inflatable tubes that people jump on from height and one person sits on the end and the other person jumps onto it and it catapults the other off !

The blob! Image courtesy of The daily post.


They have various different other things like paddling sessions they have safe coaching, they have a dedicated wooden pod area for people to stay in sleeping which is very cool and it comes complete with hotub!

They have at shops they have restaurants food is great there it is very very well set up and a fantastic day out with family for all. You can take your own surfboard or you can borrow one from the from the center there. The best things is like me you don’t have to be an expert surfer that’s the beauty of this you can you can get lessons if you wish. They have intermediate sessions on different waves so there is a big steep wave and then there is also the intermediary wave area so if you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the bigger waves you’ll find there is there is something to suit all shapes and sizes and abilities.


One thing that struck me is the very easy-going nature of the place it has a very friendly feel to it fantastic place to hang out, even if you just their catching up or watching friends you can take your laptop and work in a café sit back and take in the surroundings! Yeah they there really are doing a really great job go check it out!


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