Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking in North Wales




Many people have kayaked and some have even done open water kayaking in the past. Sea Kayaking is another story, it is an adventure all of its own. A kayak is not a large vessel and using that term alone can be misleading. Setting to the sea in such a vessel can be difficult but awesome fun.

If you are traveling to North Wales and looking for something to do, sea kayaking is a great option. Especially because the area is such a good match for the activity. Keep reading to find out more.


What Is Sea Kayaking?


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Sea kayaking is very similar to the popular activity of taking a kayak out on open water to ride waves, explore, and otherwise have fun. The kayaks are very similar to those that you would go with into a lake or other body of water but with a slightly modified design to help the kayak handle rougher water.

People have used sea kayaking for both pleasure trips to see a specific area or to go camping. It provides a fun platform that is capable of many different explorations. You can tour remote islands, see water creatures is their natural habitat, or explore the coast of North Wales. With a paddle and sea kayak, the world is open to you.

Because of the wild nature of the sea, you experience a variety of unique challenges when going out in a small craft. Expect rocky conditions, a lot of movement, and a good arm workout when the conditions are rough. These conditions are what many people enjoy about sea kayaking though, the thrill of trying to navigate a small craft amongst powerful conditions.

Whether the sun is up and the water calm or the water is rough, the area of North Wales is an amazing place to take a kayak.


North Wales Is The Perfect Place To Sea Kayak




With so much coast line and amazing beaches, North Wales is the perfect place to take a sea kayak out. You can start at a dock or beach and tour multiple different locations all from a kayak. That means no traffic, no city hustle and bustle, and a great adventure. It also means one heck of a workout for the arms.

Because North Wales is such an ideal place for sea kayaking there are a variety of outfitters that offer sea kayak rentals. That means that you can get all of the gear you need along with having options for places to start.

Sea kayaks are a great way to go out and see the creatures that are on the water. They have no motor so they allow you to go out quite and not disturb the animals. Whales and dolphins are easy to spot with small powerless crafts.


What equipment do you need for sea kayaking North Wales?



Most sea kayakers opt to wear a dry suit or wet suit because of the warmth it adds. You never know when your kayak might tip over or the conditions may change and being prepared is an important part of going out on the water. You can either buy a wet suit or rent one from one of the many outfitters around North Wales. A spray top is also essential, Boyancy aid, VHF radio (with water proof cover) helmet, water proof footwear, pull buoy, self bailer / pump and a few other bits depending upon your skill and plans out on the water. The kit picture above is for a very advanced kayaker 4*+. However its better to know more than less..

You will also obviously need a kayak and paddle. Both of these are rented or purchased from a local company (see links below) .

It is a very good idea to take lessons if you have never been sea kayaking before. While many of the basics are pretty straight forwards there is a lot to learn. For example, how to roll your kayak over if you experience a capsize. There are also rescue classes and other instruction that can be taken. You can also opt to have a person from the company come out with you to give instruction, act as a guide, and maybe even take some great photos.

If you are coming to North Wales, there are many outdoor and water activities for you to engage in but sea kayaking is an amazing watersport that you will enjoy greatly. Getting out on the water is a great activity that you will enjoy. You will enjoy the water, sights, and workout.


Local companies and useful links :


Companies locally who are world renowned for making kayaks


Local companies who are guides and run courses in Sea Kayaking

Events : (great local event ran every year here on Holy island- by Nigel Dennis Himself)