Sea Fishing in North Wales


Whether you’re coming to Anglesey or North Wales to Sea Fishing whether it be Rock, Beach, Bass or Boat Fishing there is a massive amount of activities and scope for all.

The beaches of North Wales provide fantastic fishing all year round and catches can record some fantastic fish species and sizes. From Bass, Plaice, Pollack, Coalfish, dogfish, Cod, Whiting, Pouting, Flounder, Dabs, Ray, Herring, Coal Fish – waiting and many more.

Beach caught Bass, nothing better.
A lovely Coal fish on a lure.

Fishing can be done in day and night and there is plentiful supply of local bait that you can either dig yourself responsibly or go to the local fishing shops and collect.

There are rock shelves there are some incredibly interesting spots and very unusual places that you can go, and there is something for access for disabled people also.

There are many great locations to go fishing on Holy Island and the Islands around north Wales. Fishing has been recorded now as one of the worlds biggest sports it is no accident that we have thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to North Wales specifically for fishing in various sorts from Sea Fishing to specialist Bass fishing both on the lure and on the fly, spearfishing and Boat Fishing there is something for all, and the island never disappoints.


As I write this now it is in the month of February in Anglesey. In February the Fishing is renowned to be very slow and especially so after the late bout of Easterly cold winds that have blown across from the cold continents which have a very strong effect of slowing the feeding cycle of the local fish.

However do not let that stop slow you down and dampen spirits there are plenty of other opportunities to fish on the island we may not be donning our winter wetsuits and going out boldly with spearfishing equipment just at the minute but there are lots of other things to do, to go fishing.

One of my favorite pastimes is winter is Beach Fishing in Anglesey where we set up a lovely and rather warm environment to hide under a winter brolly an our petrol lamps and spend the night away fishing the darkest hours for a winter catch. With a light spot of winter surf and a southerly breeze catches can be good if you choose your location well. I recommend Rhosneigr beach, Cymyran beach and Porth nobla beach on the west side of Anglesey.

Nice blonde ray can be caught on Cymyran beach an Rhosneigr until November.

Winter time is the renound season for Cod Fishing in North Wales, after a strong westerly blow the fish feed well and can be caught on many location across wales mostly towards and around the Menai strait. Cod fishing was once a very plentiful and popular sport in Wales of yesteryear and I remember the days well of pulling 10-14ld cod from the end of Holyhead breakwater..Ah those happy days of yester year. Due to the stock diminishing in Cod it has been bit more challenging catching the species and beaches had not been returning this same number of fish and the big size you want to be catching. However if you do your research well and you pick the right beach or rock mark in the right conditions after a big storm, when the waters calm you can often return with some great prize fish.

A few for the pot! Spoils of Cod fishing.

The Cod seem to do a winter run after the Herring (small baitfish) here in North Wales locally between October and Feb, in areas such as the Menai Straits and deep rock fishing Marks on the Anglesey coast and the North Llyn Coast.

Winter Beach Fishing in Anglesey can be fantastic with a strong south – south westerly wind blowing, with the surf break on the beach it can create a lot of activity and can create fantastic feeding conditions for the larger predatory fish such as Bass, Cod and Coalfish waiting to ambush.

If you’re visiting Anglesey or North Wales for the first time it would be advisable to call at the local fishing shops and find out what the local catch reports that there are great fishing shops in Holyhead, Beaumaris, Menai Bridge, Ruddlan and also in Treaddur bay. Most of the owners of the shops are linked into the local fishing club so they’re always in the know with what’s working best at what location and what tides seem to be producing the best catches, so that you can make your Fishing times really specific.

Big Bull Huss can be caught on Anglesey.

Choice of fishing gear in north Wales in the winter is a little bit more robust. Thicker lines heavier reels and heavier weights to deal with the extra drag of the winter waters and as the seaweed being more mobile in the water after the storms. For the extra strong conditions, you have to cast out heavier weights and bigger baits for the bigger type of fish that you targeting. It all is very specific to the season in which you are which you’re going for. However my advice may well be outdated as the times have changed in competitive sea fishing have moved on a lot! Technique’s and specifics aside, the principles are still the same I believe. There will be guest posts on here in future weeks from the like of James Fraser, world champion with Leeda Team Wales Sea Fishing team.

Leeda team Wales, pervious crowned world champions. James Fraser Far left.
So much choice with fishing tackle

We will be writing guides in future articles on North Wales fishing to explore further chapters. But for now as an introduction and we urge you to explore the beaches in winter especially of the dark and try Fishing the tide up and I particularly liked fish the tide from mid way up to the top of high water over dark especially, if the time coincides with sundown. So I would arrive at a low water Beach at two hours maybe three hours before high water at sunset and then Fish it up.

Get your winter brolly set up and hide from the elements as you fish, great in the colder winter months.

There are many beaches to try such as Rhosniger beach, Cable bay, Newborough beach and Cymuran Beach which all can produce fantastic fishing sessions when there is a bit of swell and surf pushing onto the shore. Bass can be caught in as little as ten inches of water in these locations whilst they are chasing their baitfish.

Cymyran bay beach fishing

Rock marks will have to go into in a separate chapter because I feel that I should provide more of a grounding with rock marks especially in winter months with the more tricky and dangerous conditions of swell and sea state and so forth. For new comer’s and to the island I recommend mostly beach marks and piers (Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Treffor, beaumaris) and breakwaters and rock outcrops (Holyhead, Salt island, Beaumaris- Gallwos point, Pwyllfanog).

Fishing the Menai straits

With Fishing Welsh rock marks it is always firsts advisable to do your research first and not to get stranded and yeah causes of any unnecessary stress!.

We hope that you have a fantastic experience well on the island we will add some links in some resources into the page below. We hope you enjoy.

More on locations, maps ,tacktics and species coming soon.