Sailing in Anglesey and North Wales


Intro to Sailing In North Wales

North Wales is a great place to visit for watersports but for many people one sport stands out in the area. That sport is sailing. People love to go out and sail around North Wales. We are going to go over all you need to know about sailing in North Wales. There is a fair amount to know.

Sailing Options Available

One of the great things about North Wales is that there is a lot of shoreline. That means that there are a lot of marinas and outfitters that offer sailing rentals. All up and down you will find boats of all kinds. With plenty of companies, that means there plenty of options for rentals.

Most of the options you will have for sailing rentals in North Wales will be small boats like lasers, picos, optimists and catamarans. These boats are easy to navigate with and can be operated with a limited number of people. The bigger the boat, the harder a rental will be to find, there are charters available but certification will be ned for these, such as RYA Day skipper and yacht master.

While single hull vessels are the most common sailing option in North Wales you can also find two and three hull vessels such as catamarans and trimaran at certain locations. These vessels provide you with more challenge and more excitement.

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Why North Wales Is The Place To Sail

We already mentioned that North Wales has a large amount of coastline sea beaches. This is the biggest reason why North Wales is the perfect place for you to go sailing. There are plenty of places to explore, including hidden beaches, islands, bridges, and more.

Another good reason to sail in North Wales is that you can get a decent amount of wind even when the day is warm. Without wind, your sailboat isn’t going anywhere, you have already met one of the biggest requirements that way! North Wales is always windy!

Lastly, North Wales is a place of watersports. People from all over Wales and the rest of the world have engaged in water recreation in the area. It is fun and adventurous, and as a country we turn out some of the worlds finest sailors Like Alex Thomson.


What You Need In Order To Sail

You will obviously need to rent a boat in order to sail in North Wales. No matter where on the coast you travel to, you won’t be far from a rental location. If you are just starting out a smaller boat is the best. They are easier to handle, especially with one or two people. Most local boating centres / rental companies will not rent a boat to someone who has never taken a class or cannot pass a test on sailing knowledge.

That being said, just because you haven’t sailed before doesn’t mean there is no way to rent. You can opt to take either a private class or a group class in many of the local centres here (see links below) . During these times an instructor will work with you to give you the knowledge you need in order to sail by yourself in the future.

You can also opt to take more advanced sailing classes such as man overboard classes, advanced maneuvering, solo piloting, and many more. If you are interested in a class it is best to research the company ahead of time to see about booking a course. Often times these courses fill up quickly  ahead of time because the lessons are extremely fun and impart a good deal of knowledge on you.

You will at least also need a life jacket. While some professional sailors might not wear life jackets, you should always wear one or at least have it within reach while on a boat. You never know what might happen. All companies should be able to provide you with a life vest for your rental, along side the life jacket you will also need some water proofs, both trousers / salopettes and coat and shoes and maybe some gloves to handle the ropes. I will do another blog on this entirely on equipment in a short time.

Sailing is one of the oldest methods of transport in the world. People have also been using boats as a platform for fun such as racing and cruising for just about as much time. Enjoy your time in North Wales with one of the most exciting activities available. Just make sure to book your adventure with enough time so that you don’t miss out!


Places to go and have a try sail or to go sailing more frequently

With Anglesey, the LLyn peninsular and further outreaches of Snowdonia plus inland lakes like Bala and Llanberis , you are not short of a place to go sailing. On Anglesey Alone there are yacht clubs in Holy Head, Treaddur bay, Rhosneigr, Menai Bridge, and Beaumaris and Y Felin Heli  to name a few.. Plus then the Marinas of Holy head, Conwy, Pwylleli, Caernarfon and Porth Dynorwic who all have strong sailing sailing communities. Most run a weekday race night where you can get involved with, plus there are seasonal regattas all year round which if your keen can get involved with as crew of keel boat yachts. But more of this in the next article..



Links and contacts :


Sailing clubs:

Holyhead sailing club

Treaddur bay Sailing club

Beaumaris sailing club

Porth Dinorwick sailing club

Abersoch yacht club


Local sailing schools: