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Want to try riding a rib in North Wales? You can with Rib Ride. Taking an adventure or exploration trip with this company will be a trip to excite and entertain you and the family . Keep reading to find out how to add a bit of water based fun to your next trip to north Wales..

A Rib (or RIB) is a powerboat that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Rib stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat. These boats were made popular in part by Bear Grylls and in part by the various militaries around the world. With a center made from hard material and inflatable pontoons on either side, these boats can reach high speeds and have good clearance on the water. Overall, they will leave you with a great chance to adventure.

RibRide offers six different adventures/explorations on these wonderful powerboats. Each different exploration will give you a different taste of wales and a different taste of powerboat adventure. Four of the activities are based out of Rib Ride Adventure and two are based out of Rib Ride Explorer.


Rib Ride Adventure

To find Rib Ride Adventures report to Port Daniel by the Menai Bridge. For an extra sight take a stop at the bridge on your way. These adventures can be booked online at the RibRide website.

Bridges and Swellies Tour

With this adventure package you will get to ride in a rib under the famous Thomas Telford suspension bridge and get to see the infamous Swellie whirlpools, shipwrecks, other boats, and more. Just don’t end up as one of the shipwrecks.

Puffin and Seals Tour

Starting out as a wonderful view of some of the more unique views of some of the local land based sites, you get an amazing view of castles, houses, and wildlife. The adventure doesn’t stop there though. The rib powers out to open sea to find Puffin Island, home to the UK’s largest population of the puffin. Along the way the pilot will point out wildlife and give you a historical tour.

Castles and Islands Tour

Who likes castles? Almost everyone. On this tour you will get to see castles and forts before stopping on Pilot Cove. There will be plenty of options to see both seals and porpoises. During the whole tour, your friendly pilot will be narrating the history and wildlife that you pass. This makes for one great rib tour.

Around Anglesey Tour

You and your party of up to 8 riders will get to spend the whole day exploring. With the help of your party, you get to pick when and where you stop. Wildlife, scenic views, or high seas action, the choice is completely yours. By the end of the day you won’t want to stop.


Explorer Rib Rides

Explorer Rib Rides depart from the Holyhead Marina and can be booked online.


Through breakwater, an experienced rib pilot will give you a tour of sea cliffs and the birds of the area. On the way you will pass through the Stack Cliffs nature reserve. You will also get to see an 1809 lighthouse before you return to homebase. Being up close to cliffs gives you the ability to see many species but also to get a thrill.


Following the North Anglesey coast you will get to see cliffs, wildlife, and more on your way to the famed Skerries. These rocky islands will give you the ability to see some of the most interesting bird and animal populations of the area. Some of these creatures you wouldn’t be easily able to spot from anywhere else. The trip isn’t complete until your pilot gives you an amazing view of the Gogarth lighthouse.

Exploring the sea and local waters by rib boat is one of the most exciting trips you can take. These high powered vessels will masterfully navigate the waters to get you to your various tour destinations. Most importantly though, there are many things that you can only see by boat and a fast engine makes sure that you are able to complete your tour with the most possible stops.



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