Plas Y Brenin

Enjoy Outdoor Activities At Plas Y Brenin

Welcome to “Plas Y Brenin” a place to go rock climbing, adventure sports, mountaineering, hill walking and navigation, kayaking, and canoeing. Don’t worry if you have little or no experience because they offer courses and training. Therefore, you will not be left out on the fun. Known to be the best place in the UK, “Plas Y Brenin” is a unique and the most beautiful place located deep in the mountains of North Wales. Having been on the market for over 60 years, its run why outdoor experts trained to deliver excellent and exciting outdoor experience to their guests. They have been at the forefront of outdoor exploration, training, and leadership with an excellent reputation that matches their success. To learn about their activities, visit and familiarize yourself with several mind-blowing adventures that will make you pack your gear and head out.


Along the trails, on mountains/crags and hills, you can enjoy climbing, walking, navigating, biking, and mountaineering among others. If you dream of climbing the Alpine mountains, “Plas Y Brenin” is the perfect place to gear up and have fun. It doesn’t matter whether you will be there for a holiday or taking one of their courses. The results will leave you panting and wanting more adventure. The sports center ensures that you have a blast at the Rivers Lakes and the coastal waters of North Wales kayaking or canoeing. Besides, you will carry memories of sea kayaking and canoeing as you navigate the most beautiful regions in the UK. Adventure sports are a common activity at this place giving you go ahead to interact with other lovers of nature and learn from the best.


A good nature walk or mountain climbing will leave you fresh and relaxed after a nice bath at the accommodation provided. Not forgetting that every activity will give a new experience even though you are used to it. Don’t shy away from mountain biking because you never rode one or fear of tripping while exploring the magnificent view; you will be in the hands of experts including experience and well-trained staff who also happen to have a passion for adventure and nature. After a fantastic ride kayaking or rock climbing, you have a variety of meals to choose from and a scenic view to enjoy while having a drink or relaxing. Pay them a visit and enjoy the enjoyable and unique atmosphere of “Plas Y Brenin.” You won’t regret it.


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