Plas Menai

Surf, Paddle, And Sail With Plas Menai

Located on the Menai Straits in North Wales, Plas Menai is a watersports center to match any. You can engage in a wide variety of different activities from surfing to paddling to sailing. While you can experience taking out boats, Plas Menai specializes in all kinds of instruction from the basic learning to advanced tasks.

The Plas Menai boating centre is a multipurpose facility that allows for up to 140 people to stay overnight. You can experience coastal adventures without having to worry about finding a hotel. With equipment officers, the facility equipment is always serviced and ready for you to experience an amazing adventure.

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Sailing Dinghy and Catamarans

Ready for a great adventure? Sailing is an art that you learn to master the wind to navigate through the ocean. At Plas Menai you have the option to sail standard dinghies, multihull catamarans, and keelboats.

Learning to sail at Plas Menai includes three different levels of classes starting at beginner and ending at experienced. Overall there are nine different classes. If you know how to sail you can try a boat out with a group for two days. You will get to navigate around the bay and as long as weather holds you will get to navigate the Swellies or Caernarfon.



Get off your backside and stand to master the wind with windsurfing. Using a modified surfboard you cut across the water while holding onto a sail. The first class is beginner windsurfing and then you can take a class to further develop your skills. In the second class you will also learn to use a harness and footstraps, option aids to enhance your windsurfing experience.

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Sea Kayaks

Low profile, operator powered boats have a certain allure to them. You get to navigate the water under your own power and see some of the best sights of the sea. With dangerous waters, being a sea kayak pilot can be difficult. During weekend classes at Plas Menai you will get the chance to pick out the kayak that is right for you and learn to customize it for your comfort.

Sea Kayaking offers three different levels of courses with twelve different classes. Paddling is only the start of what you can learn. You can learn to race, handle rough water, different tidal conditions and more. Most importantly, you can learn the different safety skills such as rolling.



Maybe none of the above is what you are looking for. Do you want the thrill of an engine behind you? With powerboating at Plas Menai you can learn to steer and operate a boat with an engine. Classes go beyond just that, learn to plan a route, rescue boaters in distress, and more.



Other Classes

You can take three other, advanced training courses Plas Menai. These include water rescue training, outdoor instructor training, and instructor development. With these courses, those comfortable with watersports can continue their learning and explore the more advanced aspects of the outdoors.

Expeditions and Adventures

Is a learning experience on the tip of what you want? With Plas Menai you can book adventures and expeditions using the various watercraft available at the boating center. With the adventure packages, families or youth groups will get the chance to experience the different methods of navigating the water. Adventures can be either a weekend long or a week long.

Onboard a kayak you can take the chance to paddle through the water and find some of the best wildlife locations. These locations tend to lead you to beaches that you wouldn’t other wise find. With the aid of an instructor you will learn the basics of living out of a kayak. It is important to note that you need to be able to kayak for a minimum of 5 hours to get to the location. Working up to this skill level might be a smart idea.

From kayaking to powerboating you can experience just about any water sport there is with Plas Menai. Plas Menai is more of a family than a business. Staff members provide you a true learning experience and have fun at the same time. What are you waiting for? It is time to explore the Plas Menai Straits and more.

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