Other Heritage


Menai Suspension Bridge, Menai Straits – The Menai Suspension Bridge is over 150 years old and when it was put together ranked amongst the largest suspension bridges. The bridge has enabled easy transportation between Ireland and the rest of the UK. Have a picnic or date amongst one of the legs of this massive bridge or visit Church Island across the causeway.


Penrhos Feliw Standing Stones, Holyhead – Not the famed stonehenge but yet a wonderful stone structure. Each stone is 3 meters tall and at least a meter wide. Historians believe that the area was once a stone circle either for cultural or religious practices. Be prepared to capture pictures with the Holyhead mountains in the background.



Electric Mountain Power Stations, Llanberis – With a view of Snowdonia sits a mountain known as Electric Mountain and it is home to two different hydro power pump based power stations. You can even take a tour of the underground portions of the facility. This is a must for anyone who likes science, mountain views, and/or interesting facilities.


Llynnon Mill, Llanddeusant – If windmills are your thing, than you need to visit Llynnon. Capturing the power of wind is the name of the game for the only working windmill in Wales. You can visit the area to view history of the area and farming.



Portmeirion Village, Portmeirion – Step into a fantastical village surrounded by woodland and gardens, not to mention the sandy beaches. Sir Clough Williams Ellis designed this village to be romantic and capturing. Walking and exploring are two of the most interesting things to do in this village. Don’t forget your camera, you are going to want to take pictures.


Each one of these sites are interesting to travel to in North Wales. They are only some of the locations that you need to visit in the area. North Wales is a great location for getting outdoors, seeing castles, heritage and journeying into nature. Enjoy your North Wales trip!


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