Open water swimming in north Wales

Swimming in pools and hot tubs is great fun but there isn’t anything better than swimming in the open water. One of the things that North Wales and Anglesey have plenty of is options for open water swimming. Keep reading to learn more about open water swimming in North Wales.

It should be noted that open water swimming can be a bit dangerous. There are obstacles such as rip tides, underwater rocks, strong currents, and fish. The best way to engage in open water swimming is to go to known areas with other people. Just be safe.


Swimming Spots

Blue Pool in Golwern Quarry

Deep in Golwern Quarry lies a deep swimming area known as blue pool. You will have views of Cardigan bay after you enter through a mysterious dark tunnel. This offers a relatively unique experience for swimmers that you can’t find everywhere.

blue pool, golwern Quarry
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Blue Lagoon in Moel-y-Faen

Also possessing the word blue in the name is the Blue Lagoon. This swimming spot is also a quarry but instead of a mystical tunnel you climb down a steep rock side. Not as deep as the other quarry but with underwater ledges and rocks that you can sit and stand on.

blue lagoon moel y faen
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Fairy Glen

Swimming in Wales wouldn’t be complete without going somewhere magical. Fairy Glen is a gorge amidst trees and mossy rocks. During the summer, you can take longer swims and enjoy a picnic on the grass. The water is picturesque and has varying depths.

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Lynnau Diffwys

At 500 meters of altitude you will find two shallow lakes, also known as tarns. They have great views of the sea and are close to the Rhosydd mine. Nearby are several other tarns and you can get to the area via multiple approaches.

lynnau diffwys
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Llyn Cau in Cadair Idris

When you think of swimming in an English lake, Llyn Cau is what you think of. Surrounded by grassy field with scatter rocks and nestled beneath mountains that tower over you, there is no way to not enjoy the scenery. To get there you have to hike up 350 meters but it is completely worth it. You will pass numerous waterfalls along the way.

llyn cau cadair idris
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Llyn Dinas

Resting inside a 1 km valley you can find Llyn Dinas. This body of water is great for swimming, and you don’t even need to walk that far as the main road abuts the area. A spectacular craggy backstop makes the view amazing.

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For more information on other welsh wild swimming spots visit the wonderful website Wild swimming 

Gone Swimming

Going out on the open water isn’t always fun or easy. Gone Swimming is a Welsh based company that can help make the experience more fun and provide you with a safe environment to do so in. The company specialises in days on and by the water. That includes swimming holidays, whether that be in remote mountain lakes or in the open water.

Gone Swimming also offers the option to have instruction in swimming. A big part of their company is raising the comfort of people in the water. It isn’t always an easy task to become comfortable in the open water, but it is possible and is a fun experience.

The weekend experience allows swimmers to get a chance to explore the open waters of Anglesey, and snowdonia if they wish. With accommodation, transport and food taken care of, all you have to do is put on your wetsuit and jump into the water! Stand up paddle board sessions are also provided on some weekends, where organised groups with circumnavigate peaceful stretches of welsh coast line, taking in the spectacular scenery..


For more information visit :

Being Equipped

In order to go open water swimming, it can be helpful to have the right things. You will want a warm towel and warm clothes for starters. If you are swimming in a lake or river with shallow water and plenty of sun a standard bathing suit will do. For those who are interested in swimming in the ocean or colder water, they should also get a wetsuit.

If you are visiting the area there are some watersports companies that will let you rent a wetsuit.

Try getting out and swimming in the open water of North Wales. There are plenty of beautiful locations to go to and explore. With so much coast line you can find relatively private locations or ones with plenty of people around. The choice is yours. The experience is yours.


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