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Get Outside And Mountain Bike North Wales With One Planet Adventure

Getting outside is important but when you go outside you want something truly fun. One Planet Adventure is an outdoor mountain bike facility with multiple different tracks that allow you to explore an amazing forest. Mountain biking has become increasingly popular over the last several years but One Planet Adventure kicks up the fun with multiple different ways to explore and learn.

If you are looking to have an amazing adventure in the outdoors while you are visiting North Wales, there are very few places that allow you to capture so much of the outdoors without being interrupted by everyday life. At One Planet Adventure you will get to experience the great outdoors at your comfort level with a variety of different forest routes.




The Facility

One Planet Adventure has made its home in the North Wales wilderness. All of the trails inhabit a forest with a variety of different exploration options. From a basic green trail to black and red trails that work in jumps, difficult terrain, and surprises for the more advanced bikers.



Green Route

With a green route you can explore 5 kilometers of paths and trails. These are low key mountain bike experiences that are family friendly. They provide a great platform for learning to mountain bike. Taking a green trail exploration will take you by a reservoir and finish by gliding down hill to refreshments and food.


Blue Route

A blue trail will take the adventure up several notches. For those with mountain biking experience and a good fitness level you will navigate a 12 kilometer course with uphill climbs, tight turns, downhill sections, beautiful views, and more. The route is more advanced but it is classified as an intermediate course. After rain the blue route may become a harder route with mud and standing water. At this level you start to experience what many people consider true mountain biking.



Red Route

Want to start getting more advanced? Red Trails will allow you to explore like a true mountain biker. You will start by climbing the Green Route but will quickly find yourself rerouting onto a separate set of trails. The Red Trails will challenge you. It brings in technical obstacles, different terrain, remote areas, and water crossings.

A lot of the obstacles on the Red Route will be unavoidable. This makes the course appropriate only for those with experience and an appropriate physical conditioning. Make sure to read the safety section on the One Planet Adventure website before taking on the Red Route.

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Black Route

Ready for true adventure? The Black Trails will truly engage the most advanced of mountain bikers. You will have to first access the intermediate route and then you will find the entrance to the Black Route. With 21 kilometers of demanding trails you will sweat.

From extreme steep hills to unavoidable obstacles there are plenty of challenges for thrill seekers. Most of the Black Route lacks any kind of surfacing. There will be gaps, jumps, drop offs, and more to encounter and overcome. The challenges aren’t all on down hills or flat ground, you will be challenged on your climb.


Other Adventures

One Planet Adventure features a section for those who freeride or work on their skills. This area allows you to try on the various obstacles you might encounter in the different routes at the mountain biking centre. In the general freeride section you will find challenges such as large jumps, that will eclipse most of the challenges found out on the remote routes.

A pump center also allows you to hown in your skills and prepare yourself for your trail adventure. The track is meant to be a challenging learning experience that allows you to have fun at the same time.

It is time to get outside and test out the routes. During your next trip to North Wales you need to try mountain biking at One Planet Adventure. It will be a real adventure whether you are a hardcore experienced mountain biker or someone who has never experienced mountain biking at all. You get to choose the experience that is right for you.



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