Kitesurfing in north Wales

Kitesurfing has been a massive sport that has taken of fin the past five- ten years here in north Wales. Before it there was and still is windsurfing and sailing before that. Its a sport that requires a fair bit of skill form the participant as condiotn sin north wale are very dynamic with winds, tides, sae swell and obstacles (aka rocks). However once mastered it is immensely pleasure able and can bring you faster and closer to the water than you ever have been at high speeds.

my first encounter with it was watching a famous woman up in Tyree Scotland living and breathing the sport up with white sand beaches and strong westerlies to power her up each day and the image a scenes still sticks in my mind to this day. the seas up in Tyree can be flat calm but have amazing gradient and consistent breezes all day long, for most of the days of the year in fact.

So off I went and bought more than monthly salaries worth of it and headed out to South Africa to meet. friend who was at the time living out there and teaching. She kindly obliged to give me some lessons and in return I would say with them and help with rent, bills and car pooling.  Lessons went well but some of the locations where real tricky in northern SA. Tides where as strong as the Menai strait and more sharks than you could shake a stick it. Literally. Conversations with local pilots who where based at the lagoon at the tidal lagoon would often go like this over a beer ; Pilot :” you where kite surfing out there today huh?” Me: Yeah why- did you see me? Pilot : no mate but I did. see a 23 ft broke whaler shark and a team of other sharks heading up the river – you r braver than me being out there” me : ” What the F@#k- a 23 ft shark??” Pilot ” yeah mate loads in here we see them ever day, usually bigger : Me ” Jesus!!!” So yes things where a bit like the Wild West out there but I managed to get body dragging done, board control was ok and got up and riding on one side. Result. The rest of the time in SA we travelled the garden route and contains where a little spicy for a beginner like me..

Back in the Uk the water was cold, swells where big and my confidence plummeted ! I sold the gear not favouring the Uk conditions, also living in Chester  / London and lugging around 4 k worth of kit was hardly ideal. So here I am back living in Rhosneigr area and watching the guys Kitesurf here most days..I still don’t own any kite surfing kit again yet..but I’m thinking maybe later this year I might…too many sports and too many nice days this year to do everything, anyhow on with the article.

Kitesurfing in north Wales is great for two reasons, wind strength and wind direction simple. Its windy al the Time and 80% of the time its blowing onshore which in the safety requirements is kind of important in the Gand scheme of things.

We on Anglesey have many westerly facing beaches with vast areas that are not prone to too much wave swell when wind speeds stay moderate. Most of those beaches are also quite safe with clear sections of and without rocks to smash yourself into. There are local schools dotted around the place and we will leave a list int he bio below.

So here are our top pics of beaches to kitesurf in Anglesey and the outer north Wales.


Rhosneigr doesn’t just have amazing waves to put you to the test, but with spectacular views of Snowdonia – it’s a special spot which is very popular with kite surfers. It is kiteable on a variety of different wind conditions from flat water to choppy waves, making it the ideal location for both novices and professionals. The village, located in Anglesey, is also a good place to try out different types of water sports such as kayaking and windsurfing and Stand up paddle boarding.


Located on the South West coast of Anglesey, Newborough beach is an unspoilt beach of shining golden sands. Kitesurfing is popular in the area, with most surfers heading to Llanddwyn Bay. The shallow tidal lagoon feel to the area make sit great to beginners as there is knee deep water for quite a long way out. The length of the beach is also fantastic, it means notices can do long sweeping reaches across the beach taking time to perfect kite action in variable winds whilst not having to focus on changing direction continuously or other riders. This beach is almost always quiet for kitesurfer and there are rarely more than five in the water at once. Newborough Beach  beach is suitable for all experiences so whether you’re a seasoned professional or still trying to get up and running  – this spot is well worth the trip.


Llandudno is the largest seaside resort in Wales, so it’s no surprise that it is high up on the list of our favourite places to go kitesurfing. The West Shore has a range of different kitesurfing beaches all facing west or south west direction , spring tides can be a  challenge any kite surfers here so pay attention to conditions at the locations. There’s a range of different activities available at West Shore, but an afternoon of kitesurfing followed by the freshest fish and chips on the beach is definitely recommended.

There are several schools in North Wales we have listed some below:


Funsport offers a range of courses as well as team group days out, which could be the perfect activity for a family do. Plus, with every booking there is a free bacon sandwich and cuppa – heaven!

Offaxis, located in Abersoch, offers kitesurfing on both flat water and in surf conditions, so is ideal for beginners. Like Pro Kitesurfing, they offer group coaching or individual lessons, inclusive of all the equipment you may need!

So, there we have it – some great kite surfing spots for you to try, some centres to help coach beginners. Why not spend a week away in North Wales and try your hat at all these great beaches with a group of friends? Spend your day’s kitesurfing with the wind blowing the cobwebs away, and your evenings cosied up in your van, holiday cottage or tent and catching up with your nearest and dearest.

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