Horse riding in North Wales and Snowdonia

Horse riding is an amazing activity where you not only get to explore nature but you get to be connected with it as well. Climbing onto a horse is far different than using a dirtbike a bicycle. If you truly want to explore nature riding a horse is the best way to do it. Here is everything you need to know about riding horses in North Wales.


The Basics of Horsemanship

Riding horses is a big adventure. You can explore many different places that you can’t get to any other way. Horses are very capable creatures and are able to navigate quite easily. There are many different places in North Wales that you can go riding at. In fact, riding is a very popular activity amongst tourist and locals all throughout Wales.

People don’t just ride because of horse’s abilities though. Riding is also about the experience of being connected with a animal. Many animals won’t let you ride them because they are wild; however, horses have been used for many different riding purposes for ages.

Horse riding is an art in itself. The most common name for the art of horse riding is horsemanship.

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Riding Horses in Anglesey and North Wales

North Wales is famed for its outdoor activities. It is full of parks, gardens, mountains, and more. This alone makes the area well suited to people who want to ride horses. There are plenty of paths to explore around the area. This combined with the wonderful weather during the good times of the year make it a perfect outdoor activity.

The same amount of outdoor land, that makes North Wales ideal for horse riding also makes the area perfect for having horses. Pastures and barns are easily built because of the outdoor space available. Some people try to keep horses in places that aren’t appropriate for them and as such limit their ability to be a natural habitat. North Wales has enough space for horses to be horses.

With how many stables there are in the area there are plenty of options for getting out on a horse. In the next section we will talk about your options for horseback riding in North Wales.

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Adventuring On A Horse In North Wales

The most common way people get the chance to explore on horse in North Wales is through horseback groups. These groups take riders out in chains where the horse is led by its harness. While you won’t get to control the horse yourself, this is a great option for people who want to get out and explore but have no experience.

Those who have had experience might be able to find a stable that will let them rent a horse to ride on their property. Chances are that you will still have to have a guide go with you. Horses are living beings and their handlers care for them like they should.

Another way that you can get on a horse is to take riding lessons in North Wales. Many stables offer lessons that will teach you all you need to know about riding. What you might not know is that riding is more than just being on the horse, it is also caring for the horse which includes cleaning its hair, hoofs, and feeding the horse. Good lessons include directions for how to handle caring for a horse.


Horse Riding Requirements

If you are riding at a facility or renting time with a horse, all of the stuff you need for riding should be provided by the company. That means the tac (harness, saddle, saddle pad, etc.) will be included. Most companies will also require you to wear a helmet if you are a minor. It is always advisable that if you are riding a horse you don’t know to wear a helmet.

Getting out and exploring on a horse will provide you with a true adventure that isn’t like anything you have ever done before. It can make a real difference between feeling like you are full of technology or being one with nature. Many people throughout the ages have had the chance to discover the love of horse, you can too.  For local centres who can provide lessons and outings  please see below..

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