Coasteering in North Wales

Coasteering in North Wales

Coasteering is a sport that takes skill, or at least the ability to learn and some courage.
In coasteering you explore rocky coastlines that can be found all over North Wales. It
often starts with climbing up and then jumping off and then swimming. Coasteering is considered to be a thrilling adventure by many people.

With the regular high cliffs of the North Wales and surrounding area, there are very few places in the United Kingdom that are as nice for the adrenalin powered coasteering adventures. In addition to the cliffs though, you have plenty of undeveloped coast line with protected coves and soft sand beaches.

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What To Expect?

When you go coasteering, you should expect to be engaged in climbing rock faces and jumping off of them. That means that there are heights involved, as well as a lot of swimming. Being able to tread water and be at least relatively comfortable with climbing is a good idea but is not required if you have an instructor.

More than that though, you should expect to have a good time and make memories that you will keep for the years to come.

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What Do You Need To Go Coasteering?

Coasteering is a water sport so you will need a bathing suit or a wetsuit. For those who don’t like the cold water, a wetsuit is recommended to help keep you warm during your adventures. Other than that you will need to find a location to go coasteering, you can read more about that below.

For some coasteering locations you won’t be able to access them from land. You will either need to rent or charter a powerboat or similar vessel. This will allow you to have somewhere to base your fun and you can access the water.

You will probably want to be able to capture amazing photographs of you and your friends or jumping off the coast. This can be done with a waterproof camera or gopro. Most companies that arrange these kind of trips will capture photographs for you.

When Is The Best Time To Go Coasteering?

The best time of the year to go coasteering is during the summer. Hot summer sun will shine down on you as you jump off cliff faces into the amazing North Wales water. Despite being gorgeous year round, the water in North Wales will be significantly colder during the winter. While you can still go adventuring during the winter, you will require a thick winter wetsuit and need to keep in mind how cold water will affect your body.

It is highly recommended that you do not go coasteering after dark. It would be too hard to see if someone was in distress in the water.

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How Do You Find Places to Go Coasteering?

As we have already mentioned above, there are plenty of coasteering locations in North Wales, as such, there are plenty of lists of places to go. From these locations you can find both good spots and bad spots to engage in the thrill seeking you desire. We recommend that you utilize a local outfit to help you find the perfect trip.

Many local companies have an expertise in watersports, coasteering, and other adrenalin filled activities that you might want to engage in while exploring the water. The reason we recommend using one of these companies  is that they know the best locations to visit. Especially the best, unused locations. These companies also have the resources such as boats that you might need to have a perfect adventure.

If you have never been coasteering before or are uncomfortable with your skill level it is a wise idea to hire a professional to come with you. Local companies don’t just provide guides and equipment, they can also provide expert instructors to help you feel more comfortable with the process.

Coasteering is an exciting adventure that adds an unexpected twist to any holiday or even just a weekend adventure. If you are looking to go coasteering, go for it. At first the idea of coasteering might be scary but after your first jump, it might feel like second nature. Have fun!


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