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Bounce below is a fantastic activity that is owned by the zip worlds family it is situated in the Bleanau Ffestiniog valley, in the South West part of Snowdonia.

To describe it quite simply it is a an underground cavern that has trampolines that’s are strung from side to side with drop nets on four different levels. It has huge trampolines which are linked from one level to another that make a box for you to stay within. There are three or four levels in total and and three different compartments / tunnels leading into smaller chill out regions within the complex.


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It is quite cleverly set out and the lighting there was fantastic.

How it works is that in teams of about 15 you get changed into your overall’s and hard hat and then get the train from the top level overground, down into the into the cavern below. This takes about 5 minutes, you then you walk with the guide and your team to the entrance of the Bounce below.

Amazing lighting in the cavern. Image courtesy of


Then what happens is most of the adults/ parents become five year old children bouncing around trying to make each other fall over and there are inevitably fits of giggles and laughter involved. All the while the children are looking on in astonishment. It is a rather amazing thing to do! bouncing around from one side of the large trampoline suspended in mid air from one side to the other and then zipping down the drop zones to the floor beneath..some of which you get a little bit of free air time! It’s good fun, and it it’s really interesting place to see, the air in the caverns in cold but with all that activity you soon warm up in no time at all. You have an hour in each slot then its time to head back to your train to the surface. By which point your ready to collapse in any case.. Strangely it proves a really good work out, we where hurting the next day.


The elevator between levels. Image courtesy of

I think a fantastic use of a disused quarry and great idea and it is super family friendly. It is very busy and I think that you do have to book in advance of the staff are incredibly friendly is a very well run operation there is no doubt about that they have many many hundreds of people there visiting there each day.

It is situated in Blaenau Ffestiniog and if your driving from HolyIsland or Anglesey it is probably a good Hours drive maybe allow for an hour and a half if you’ve got some tractors in front of you.

It has all range of facilities there for families, a gift shop, restaurants and it has fantastic parking and the service the is really good. Prices are very modest also and you get great value for you monies. Staff are super helpful and they all enjoy what they do, that’s evident.

I thought for quite good range of activities to do near by with The down hill mountain bike center, Antur Stiniog and Zip world next door, bounce below’s big brother company you could make a weekend out of it easily.

The drive there from Holyhead is some of the best part of the day as well if you get a good weather day the cloud level is quite high you will have a fantastic views of the south western part of the Snowdonia range and it is quite different from the northern part of Snowdonia to so pack cameras & binoculars and enjoy!

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