Boat Fishing North Wales


If you have read any of our other articles you know that North Wales is surrounded by shoreline and the beautiful sea. That means that there are plenty of options for fishing! Those of us who live in North Wales love to go fishing, and to me personally its a right of passage! The feeling of being able to catch and cook your own fish is amazing. We are going to talk to you about a specific kind of fishing today, boat fishing. The amount of local charter boat companies has been increasing steadily and makes this a great option for those who don’t own your own vessels yet.

About Charter Boat Fishing in North Wales

Boat fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in north wales outside the ranks of golf and cycling.  Some would say that it takes more expertise to go out fishing on a boat because you have to find the right spot and then catch the fish. Fishing from land presents its own challenges in that your static and don’t move around or spot to spot to find the find where the fish are feeling und to much.  With boat fishing you have greater opportunity to fish deeper reaches of water and wrecks. what this allows is the chance for much bigger fish and a greater variety.


One of the reasons that so many people love boat fishing is it gets you away from cities and large groups of people. People enjoy not being surrounded with other things besides nature when they are fishing. Half the experience is fishing, half of it is being out and relaxing sea air taking in the scenery.



Finding A Boat Fishing Spots in North Wales

In order to find a boat fishing spot in North Wales you need to start with finding the charter boat. Locate a local skipper and  charter boat near where you are going in North Wales, as these chaps know where to get he fish and have been fishing most of their lives.  With this comes and depth and breadth of knowledge of the ocean that you can’t really pick up in a few books reading, its In the blood as we say here!. There are plenty of options for Charter boat fishing days in North Wales, just about every waterfront town  will have a company taking people out on daily or half daily trips. Most marinas are where the boats are kept over night, so in the foyers or offices of marina bailing there are always brochures of the companies that are taking fishing parties in the area.


Once you have found a charter boat company, you can start to make the decision of where to go. Speak to the owner and find out what kind of fishing trips they arrange. Are there specific types of fish species that they go out and target? and do you have some fish you would like to try and catch in mind?  Of course as a paying client the skipper will more than happily bestow some of the local knowledge to you to advise whats being caught seasonally in the area and to what size. Also they can advise on catch sizes, limitations enforce through local fisheries and keep limits (if there are any).

Local guides know the best places to weigh anchor and start fishing. They will also be able to help you pick out the right equipment and give you tips if you want them.

This is another topic in itself and I will do another article on boat fishing equipment, tackle ad bait. What to get, and how to use it. We are privileged to have most of both of the Welsh international shore team and boat teams based on Anglesey, so ill invite them on to decant their wisdom in the upcoming months!

But for now a simple set up of equipment is needed, boat rod to 30ld (Ugly stick make some great ones) and heavy duty multiplier reel (I like the Drama SL30 and Pen 535- which also double up as rough shore ground fishing reels) You may want to go heavier and bigger with the reels depending what you are targeting.  line on the reels I like to go with 20-30ld mono. Then using upside rigs which will be baited with heavy 6-8 oz grip leads fishing weights to account for the strong tidal current (I use Gemini). If your fishing with lures and jigs there are a whole world of items to choose from, so best speak to the skipper of the boat and find out whats working. Bring a seat box or bag for your terminal tackle, spare weights, rigs, line and all the other usual things- again ill do a separate post on this to give you all more detailed info. Oh and don’t forget a hat, sunnies and warm water proof clothes..people like to bring flotation jackets nowadays they make a good safety advantage especially if the seas are a bit choppy.


Boat Charters

There are a variety of different types of boats that you can charter in North Wales. When it comes to fishing boats, the most common boat that you can charter a day fishing on is are converted fishing boats, and pleasure cruiser boats. Both have plenty of space o the deck for many people to fish at the same time whilst not getting tangled up with one another!


You can sometimes rent powerboats locally  but they aren’t as common for fishing in the area. Depending on the company you are renting from you might also be required to have a boat skipper with you, although thats the exception not the rule. Powerboats or Powerboats can be rented and easily used for fishing exceptionally well in fact, they allow you to get into shallow water should you wish too, something that bigger less manoeuvrable fishing boats wouldn’t. Also you’ll get to be the master of your own destiny in terms of locations, no having to fish with other people and can stay as long as you wish too. Downsides, are local knowledge and info which is a big part.. however, if you do you homework correctly, call a few fishing shops in the area (ABC  Anglesey Bait centre, Beaumaris)  find out whats catching, read some internet forums (Sea Fishing Forum) and see whats what.


Looking for a boat rental company that specifically focuses on boat fishing is probably not going to happen instead focus your searches on RIB and powerboat rental in north Wales. You will need Day Skipper award RYA certification for this so prepare your documents in advance. Companies locally that I found are Rib Ride where you can book the whole boat and have skipper, The marine club, and Seawake .


Lastly for local charter boat companies you have a plethora of choice you’ll be glad to know. There is a website called charterboats-uk which lists the top rated ones on its website. Go have a look on its reviews of each boat and its location.


Getting outdoors while on vacation or just around town is an important thing to do. Not only because it is fun but also because it is healthy for you to do so. Boat fishing in North Wales is a great way to get outside and an even better way to spend time with other people. Good luck on your adventure and read through our site to find other activities to do while you are in the area.