The art of becoming Zen

The art of Zen is attaining a state to be in thats peaceful and relaxed. It is our natural way of being and our birth right. Amidst all the noise and chaos, look to find some inner peace right now and find some tranquility inside of you. Those of you who know me, know how big a fan I am of  practices in my daily routines. I’m bordering on obsessive with it, and for good reason, it makes me super balanced, calm and a grateful human most of the time. The practices I have learnt and implemented have transformed my life for the better, and i’d like to share some of them with you today, so you can all benefit a little. With some simple daily adjustments, you will begin to feel the benefit of them.

Don’t underestimate the power of these techniques, they will foster incredible strength and fortitude within you IF you begin to create habits with them in your daily routine. Becoming more Zen is a practice, with the goal of being a little bit less emotionally reactive to outside situations, through out your daily life. Here are some of my ace cards to keeping calm amidst the storm, hope it helps.


Meditate daily

My mediation practice has proved super good for my soul, if you think its a bit cliche to meditate, trust me it isn’t. The worlds smartest minds all meditate, to keep them selfs strong and resilient under pressure. We must make sure we rule our minds and not the other way around. Take control of a noisy fearfull mind by doing some meditation. Key tips- Use earphones and find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. I like to use Zen 12 meditation. I love to head out to my favourite beach in Anglesey in the sunshine, with the sun on my face and my feet in the sand. Tip- Go on youtube and listen to the first Zen 12 meditationfor free or download theapp head space 


Exercise hard

There is nothing more beneficial for you, than expertise. Not doing exercise is the equivalent of taking a depressive. Fact. So whether its a walk, run or hike, it matters not, your body does not know the difference. It just feels movement and then floods your body with good hormones. Get out and have a run along the coastal path and get some nature time in mixed with some movement. Tip: Commit to daily exercise with a friend or solo, put your kit easy the night before next to bed and just get out and on it. Double tip!: Set a reward for yourself if you compete for 7 days straight- and keep a log of it. Likewise for 30 days, set a bigger reward.


Breath work

Breath work is something Im currently learning about. The bodys ability to slow down dramatically during deep breathing exercises, is quite remarkable to say the least. If you haven’t heard of Wim Hoff, he has some great videos on youTube. You dont have to do the cold water thing, if you don’t want to. I do like to personally, but thats preference. He also has a free app too. Go sit near the waters edge and practice some of the breathing exercises daily, feel the calmness wash over you. Tip : Down load his free app here.


Have a gratitude practice

This simple practice has transformed my life to some of being a lot more grateful for what I have already, in a world were we are constantly told we need more and more. I use a journal called the five minute journal, you can get them online. Write in it daily as soon as you wake and before you go to bed. Make it a solid ritual. Tip. Do this at the same times each day, schedule time in for it in your day, and people won’t disturb you and will respect it. Get a copy of the five minute journal here 


Cold water therapy

This one is a game changer. Get down to your nearest beach and experience the cold water on your body, with or without a wetsuit (thats your choice). I go at the moment in a shortie and will switch to shorts again in a week or so. It will build immunity and resilience in you that you never dreamed of before. It will also give you a incredible kick of positivity and happiness afterwards as you become warm and fuzzy after wards. Tip : Invest in your happiness and get yourself a shortie wetsuit and a dry robe and head to the beach to get cold and wet, Pack a flask and a towel and make it a ritual with a friend!



With all the use of digital devices and over stimulation its important we ground our bodies as we were supposed to. We are blessed here to have sandy beaches where you can roll your socks off and plant your feet down on the quartz sand. Its been shown in many studies to remove inflammation from the body, and discharge negative ions from the vessel. In short, it will reduce the damage done daily to your body by the over use of electrical apparatus. your body is an electrical machine, it like your houses electrical system, needs to be grounded. Tip : Ten mins a day make  cuppa In an outdoor flask and go sit o the grass or beach and sip quietly while your body connects.


Sun light

The cure all for almost all alilemts. I don’t care what the sun screen police tell you Vitamin D or a lack of is one of the biggest causes of so many ailments in the body temple. If you sun your self responsibly, you should not need sunscreen. Your body is always in need of sunshine, to do so many of its functions daily. It’s now spring as I write this, its super important to get some sun on your face and body each day as long as you can. Just for note, sunscreen is FULL of petrochemical crap, titanium, aluminium and parabens. A toxic cocktail that goes directly to your liver and causes big problems. Tip : Instead use an organic natural one if you feel you need to use one.


Eat Green

Another thing that has really changed the way that I live is to eat SO much more vegetables and much less meat and dairy. It will change your life again. Eating more greens will put more nutrients into your body, provide you with more wellbeing and keep inflammation down. Remember what you put into your stomach gets into you blood stream. Aside from the better Karma and environmental perspective  and the fact animals do not have suffer to keep us fed. Tip : Find a farm food shop and order a veg box in weekly in north Wales see our list of local produce here 


Give and help other daily

This is a big one try it daily, Give one thing away, give help to one person and give thanks for all that you have, and for that what is coming to you. I call it my three things. I try and give a little money away to help some each day, a little of my time to pay a good deed forward and then practice gratitude by saying ” Thank you “as many times as I can. It works, because I feel blessed and abundant. Look to help others daily. The secret to living is GIVING. Tip : Give a couple of your £’s away to help someone today and then go do a good deed.


Be around animals more 

Ah yes my favourite one ! Get out amongst animals and feel their love and good vibes daily. For me it’s cats, I love them! For you it could be your dog or horse. It matters not, connect with them and spend time with them daily. Note * Last year I was in Liverpool and they had a cafe with cats in that you can book a slot and go and pet them over a coffee * AMAZING idea. Love it!! Tip : If you haven’t got your own pet you can always take an elderly persons dog for a walk to help them out..



Ok this one was tricky for me to get into party because stretching was super tricky for me- However, Yoga is transformative for your body and mind on so many levels and I can see why the teachings are so powerful and why so many are draw to them on so many levels. I have just started going to Shanti Yoga on the island of Anglesey run by Chanel Rushe. It’s rather amazing and no doubt it will have a big positive effect on my body and mind. Give it Go. We wrote a blog on the top yoga centres in north Wales – I will link it here. Tip : Reach out to Chanel and book into one of her sessions, ill see you there! 


Get into the garden 

Having you hands in the dirt is a skill that we where all one doing. We all come from a long line of farmers, so don’t kid yourself if you think you are disconnected form the land. Only 3 generations ago our fore fathers where mostly growing a lot of their own food. Getting into the garden, get your hands dirty and get planting some flowers or food will work wonders for the soul in many ways. Having your hands in the dirt connects you to mother earth and being around the garden in nature is your natural place, not in and around a box. Tip : Head to a garden centre or online and get some seeds today and begin a little planting in your back garden, spring is time for growth and nature so plug in.


Laugh a lot

This one got me yesterday, we where watching a clip ” Cats Vs Cumbers” at my friends house, and both of us whee I tears laughing about it. It got me thinking I need to laugh more. At heart I’m a real practical joker, and like nothing more than causing a bit of mayhem with my lad friends. It helps men, play a little and laugh a lot too. So I’m going to make way more effort to laugh way more than I usually do (not that I don’t laugh a lot- I’m ultra positive and happy 95% of the time anyhow!) but life gets you all serious eh? So best change that! Tip : I love to read funny books for me its  Tim Mooreor Paul Carter– they crack me up!

Journal daily

Ok this cheeky practice has had a profound effect on me also. I try every day to do a little journaling before the day has ended. Take time to pause and reflect on the day, get any negativity out of you onto the paper, do some gratitude and thanks for all that you have. Write what you loved about the day, what where the happiest moments, what you were grateful for and how you could have made the better a little. If you have trauma in your life right now, journal on reflecting on what it is thats going on, how it makes you feel, what you can do to improve the situation and how can you heal through this period.  Tip: Get a really nice journal and pen and make this a sacred ritual.


Turn your wifi off at night  and have NO digital devices in your BED ROOM

Ok a bit of a wild card one here but it works. Blue light and EMF are really really harmful to the body when there is over exposure, so create an evening ritual that has no EMF in it whilst in your sleep zone. Wifi turned off nightly and phones left down stairs on airplane mode, Sleep is your most restorative time to heal and relax, don’t let your sleep suffer or your days will. Tip: replace your digital alarm clock with an analogue one. All devices are banned from now in in the bedroom- if you want good restorative sleep cycles. 


Get a team of all star healers and helpers around you.

Many of you don’t know this but I have an allstar team of people always around me for helping, talking and work on myself. I’ve done this for a while and it serves me greatly. Look after your body and mind, and they will help you do wonderful things. My life coaches Lynn and Jan, My sound healer Steph Healey is another, My Yoga teacher Shannel, my coach Carl Havey is another, my nutritionist Wendy, My other coach Duke, and a few more. These are my allstar team that keep me on rack through my trials and tribulations. That way when I’m on top form, I can serve you all better and perform at life at its best. Tip : Think of the areas of life you need help in and start making out how you can make an all star team of people to support your development mentally, use your journal !

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Books that have helped me greatly, in my quest for inner peace :


Eckhart Tole 

Deepack Chopra 

Robin Sharma

Richard Bach

Dalai Lama



Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

Well I hope we can inspire you to take some more time for yourself in this amazing but busy world that we live in, try a morning routine like on in the books above and make time for yourself in the morning to relax and be present for a few moment sin your day.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog we appreciate every single one of you. Feel free to leave us a comment, give the blog a like and share the content far and wide.

Tan Y Tro Nesaf  / Until the next time,



Front cover Image by : Photo by Yan Ming on Unsplash

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