The year of the Outdoors 2020

2020 is the year of the outdoors in Wales. In a small showcase from north Wales, we want to show you a year in the outdoors from our lives. There is nothing more amazing for me and my friends, to be out playing in the great outdoors. With so much to do here activities wise in Snowdonia, Anglesey and on the Llyn, we are spoilt for choice. I’ve listed some of the things we get up to month by month, as a little taster of what we do as locals all year round.

Outdoors sports these days for me is  all about nature and fun, I seem to have dropped my competitive spirit (as much) over the past couple of years in search for more self challenge, adventure and fun. I think its so much explorative this way.

The year of the outdoors celebrates the our wonderful country through its experiences that it offers. From walking the coastal path, to heading out surfing on one of our amazing shore breaks, or swimming along one of our blue flag beaches all along the coast. North Wales has SO much to offer from an outdoor perspective. Each day In summer I pinch myself, as I’m deliberating what to do with the day!

It’s spring time as I write this in north Wales, and we are sheltering from the wet weather and dreaming of those warm sunny days to come in the not too distant future. Life is really simple in my world, I live for the outdoors like may of you and I’m blessed to live in a location that allows me to explore my sporting desires with some of the most amazing souls. I can honestly say I’m blessed with my life. I have wonderful friends, experiences and I have a lot of fun here and the outdoors is the string that ties that all together.

So below is my way of living a year in the outdoors in north Wales, finding my flow and connection doing the things I love the most. I’ve listed some awesome ideas of what we do month by month, to inspire you all to do a little of the same, you don’t need to do as much as us, but go find your passion in the outdoors here in north Wales.

Hope the ideas bring you some inspiration, a sprinkle of adventure and some beautiful time in nature. Enjoy.


Jan – Winter hiking in Snowdonia in the Ogwen valley with the crampons and axes. one of my favourite activities to do in the world. You don’t need to be a ice climber, just be competent on the crampons and axes. So much fun!




Feb- Winter climbing in Snowodnia, head up Cwm Lloer to explore the winter gulleys, the deep snow up to your knees and thighs sometimes. If your up for a giggle, you could always take the skis up and head down into the Cwm below from the top.





March – Mountain biking at Penmachno and Gwyddyr Forest in Llanrwst. So many awesome trails to bike in north Wales here, I love it. There are routes in lots of different styles of tracks from full on downhill to cross country, ill do a full blog on them soon for you all.





April – Sailing the west coast of Anglesey, up through the Menai straits and on towards Rhoscolyn. The best way to see the Island by a long shot. Get on a boat and sail it, it will blow your mind.






May – SUP’ing on calm eveinings on the water. Pack a picnic and have some scram on a secluded island somewhere. Calm evenings are designed for SUP’ing and its a mega way to explore the Islands little inlets.




June – Spear fishing for dinner on the LLyn Peninsular. If your a veggie or vegan maybe skip this one! Im a fisherman at heart and by blood and one of my things is to catch my dinner in the summer months. Natures larder is ever abundant.





July- Road Cycling the west coast of Anglesey in the Sun, whilst doing some hill training sessions. There are SO many back roads that are super old that you can explore around the island. Get an OS map and head out with it, or the strata app on your iPhone!




August – Scuba diving from the shore at Treaddur bay and off the boat near south stack. The waters get a little clear in June and its a good month to explore the shallow bays in Rhoscolyn and Treaddur bay and see what lies beneath.





September – Beach fires, fresh fish and beers, no summer get together is ever full without a celebration of our Welsh summer. Best locations include, Rhosneigr, Treaddur bay and Porthdaffarch.




October – Boat fishing on the lure to see whats coming up. Shore fishing love, but a boat can get you to locations that are super different to reach. you ca also try and test different areas. Plus it’s just nice to bob around and be in nature.




November – Wake boarding on the Menai Strait with the boys and have a sunset beer whilst we all freeze our digits off! The Menai Strait if you have not been is a very special stretch of water and apparently a rather good spot to wake on..




December – Climbing on Holyhead mountain amidst the showers and rain! Ah climbing one of my favourites. So much amazing rock to climb in this amazing land, a life times worth in fact from Sea cliffs, to sport climbing, to trad climbing to bouldering, so much to do..




Well I hope we can inspire you to get some activities planned out in the next year on your visits to these parts. Remember skin is waterproof so get out there and play! Have a great year of the out doors in north Wales in 2020.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog we appreciate every single one of you. Feel free to leave us a comment, give the blog a like and share the content far and wide.

Tan Y Tro Nesaf  / Until the next time,




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