Cafes that I love in Snowdonia

The winter is here in north Wales, there is a dusting of white across the Carneddau on the northerly facing slopes of Snowdonia as I write this. It’s been an unusually warm winter here and the charts are not showing anything different, with high pressure this weekend we should see clear skies and sunshine.. But since there is snow on them hills, I dare say a lot of visitors and locals will be heading up into snowdonia, if your one of them, enjoy the snow and let us know what you get up to.

I tend to have some down time this time of year so exploring cafe’s in Snowdonia, whilst doing some hiking or mountain biking or other sport, is always at the back of my mind. A small reward after a days exercise maybe. But even more simply, I love cafe culture, just sitting and watching the world go by,  people watching and allowing you thoughts to unravel with a warm drink in hand is a fabulous pastime.

It’s even more special if you have been out in the wilds, with the wind and rain beating down on you, after you bag a peak or two, walking into a cafe, to an open fire, getting a great cup of coffee and cake and having a little bolt hole you can seek refuge in, out of the elements and look out of the window is rather lovely feeling right.

Which ever valley your exploring in Snowdonia, be it Ogwen, The Llanberis pass or Conwy, there are some lovely little cafe’s and coffee shops for you to choose from, we have a good little listing for you on the new website, have a look here.

Anyhow, some of my nearest and dearest choices are below, yes I am bias and I do have favourites – but there are many others I love too, but we will cover them another time, for now, here are some of my favourite cafes in snowdonia below ;


Moel Siabod Cafe

The first is a coffee shop that used to go to many years ago whilst at Bangor uni, but I  had not been there in maybe a decade, subsequently it changed a lot and has become quite a hub for the community in the Ogwen valley. Moel Siabod Cafe, in Capel Curig has a really nice feel to it, the moment I stepped into back a week ago, it had a real community feel to it. With a lovely log fire and a snug at the far side of the room, I can imagine it’s wonderful to come off the hill in the eve to a lit fire. They certainly make a good coffee too, and there are a selection of cakes at the counter, loads of room with plenty of tables and there is rather amazing selection of outdoor sports magazines which I loved! Yes they are dog friendly too.


The Caban 

The next is the Caban, a delight full little place on the road toward Llanberis at Brynrefail. It’s a architecturally stunning coffee house and restaurant but its hidden just off the beaten track. No log fire here but the shape of the building and its outside wooden veranda and decking will make up for that. It’s a rather special place and they serve some really nice home cooked food here too. A little smaller in size than most but a very lovely and cool, go give them some love. Not sure if the cafe is dog friendly- I have tried t find out. Great coffee and cake too.


Pencauenant Isaf

A real beauty that’s not to be missed with a amazing eccentric owner called Stephan. The cafe is called Pencauenant Isaf and is a beautiful little old welsh cottage and tea house in Llanberis. Yes it has a roaring hearth to greet you on your arrival,  and the welsh slate flooring and victorian feel will have you reminiscing of years gone past. It’s a tea room cross, welsh museum and is a heritage gem on the Snowdon path. Its small and beautifully kept, and the staff can’t do enough for you. Defiantly worth a stop for a brew. Yes its dog friendly.


The Alpine Cafe Shop

The fourth is a really quant stop in the mountain village of Betws Y Coed, Its called the Alpine coffee shop, it’s based next to the train-line at betws. The place is a amazing little haunt, which has its grass routes as a charity supporting Orangutan protection. They describe themselves as a cafe with a conscience, which is very true. The interior is decorated with beautiful mirrors large wooden tables and the walls are painted bright green. There are various sculptures on the wall and there is plenty of art work there too. Its busy early so you will need to get there handy of you want to grab a table. They have a host of speciality teas and have great coffee too. No log fire, but its normally super warm in there.  Yes its dog friendly and they have a dog loyalty card too ask for the “sausages for dogs” card.


Conwy Falls Cafe

This little gem I found after a mountain biking trip a while back, and it was a fab find. The have a lovely open log fire and make amazing pizza too.. Yes of course they do coffee but that day all I could care about after 22km of MTB was pizza (hold the coffee!) Anyhow, if you are the other side of betws y coed and your walking, hiking or biking then get yourself to this little gem. They used to offer a bring your own drinks on certain nights too (not sure if they still do). Yes they are Dog friendly too.


Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog we appreciate every single one of you. Feel free to leave us a comment, give the blog a like and share the content far and wide. If you have a favourite coffee shop in Snowdonia that we missed then drop a mention in the comments below, we love to hear from you all.

Ok so you have your coffee shop planned right, so what about your day of hiking ? You could look at our blog on top walks in Snowdonia  That would be a good start, and then maybe have a look at the top attractions in Snowdonia too for some ideas on what to have a look at. Don’t forget we have lots of new ideas on things to do in north Wales on the new website also.

Well if your heading out this weekend, I hope you have a greet weekend here in north Wales, weather look fantastic and there is a dusting of snow on them hills, enjoy and take the usual winter kit packlist, head out early and head down early and check the weather always.

Take care,



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