Top attractions in Conwy County

Conwy county is one of the most picturesque areas in the whole of Wales. With the mountains of Snowdonia rising straight out of the sea, it’s a dramatic landscape with huge a cultural background. Castles, marinas, beautiful harbours and stunning beaches are dotted all over the county. Located on the fringe of Snowdonia in north Wales, Conwy is fronted by the dominating Conwy castle, with the quaint towns of Llandudno, Deganwy and Colwyn Bay all in close proximity. There are many attractions and activities to do whilst in Conwy County, far more than the twenty I have listed, but I’ve kept this short and sweet for you all. Hope its useful for you! Click on the name of the attraction to see more information and go to the providers webpage.


Conwy County


  1. Conwy castle

Conwy castle is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the must-see places in the UK.   Located in Rose Hill Street, Contact 01492 592358

conwy castle
Conwy Castle : Image by


  1. Conwy castle town walls

Town walls in Conwy are a historic building which is known for its beautiful architectural styles. Castle Street is a good place for photography and picnic spots.  Contact 0300 0256000

Conwy Castle walls : Image by


  1. Plas Mawr

Plas Mawr is a fantastic elizabethan townhouse located in high street, Conwy. It is one of the top attractions in Conwy due to the paintings, decorations, and period architecture styles.  Contact 01492 573605

Plas_Mawr- wikipedia
Plas Mawr: Image by wikipedia


  1. Aberconwy House

Aberconwy House is one of the oldest dwellings in all of Wales owned by the. Built in the 14thcentury, it allows visitors to know more about the history of the building and people in detail.  Contact 01492 592246

aberconwy house-
Aberconwy house : Image by


  1. The Smallest House

The Smallest House is one of the must-see attractions in Conwy. Located in Lower Gate Street, it is just 72 inches wide and 122 inches height. Contact 01492 573945

The smallest house in GB : Image by wikipedia


  1. RSPB Conwy Reserve

RSPB Conwy Reserve is an ideal choice for those who want to explore a variety of bird species. It is just a half-mile from Llandudno Junction. Contact 01492 584091
RSPB Conwy reserve : Image by


  1. Conwy Mountain

Conwy Mountain offers an opportunity for visitors to enjoy walking and other outdoor activities for ensuring more adventure.  Contact 01492 574000

conwy mountin -
Conwy mountain : image by



  1. Bodnant Garden

Bodnant Garden is a National Trust Property located near Tal-y-Cafn in Conwy which allows visitors to relax in one of the most scenic gardens in north Wales.
Bodnant garden : image by


  1. Go Below

Go Below is a unique adrenaline experience based in the underground mining caves of north Wales, there are three choices of adventure to choose from. Contact 01690 710108


go below
Go below : Image by


  1. Conwy Valley railway museum

Conwy valley railway museum is quite a cool place to visit for the old and young. It has a miniature train in the museum that allow a people to take a train ride in beautiful surroundings in the Conwy valley area.


Conwy valley railway museum : image by wikipedia


  1. Welsh Mountain Zoo

Welsh Mountain Zoo is home to a wide range of rare and exotic animals allowing visitors young and old to get in contact with the animal kingdom. Contact 01492 532938

welsh mountin zoo


12. Llandudno Beach

Llandudno Beach is one of the popular visitor destinations in Conwy county area.  Within the vicinity of the  north shore beach, is Llandudno pier and beautiful promenade to take advantage of.


llandudno beach -youtube
Llandudno beach : image by youtube


  1. Bodafon Farm Park

Bodafon Farm Park located in Bodafon Road is open for visitors all year round.

bodafon farm park -
Bodafon farm park : image by


  1. Great Orme copper mines

Great Orme copper mines allow visitors to discover and explore the 4,000 year old mines, and give the children a flash back in time and connect with the geology and geography of our lands.
Great Orme mines : image by


  1. Conwy Suspension Bridge

Conwy Suspension Bridge built in 1826 and was a tolled bridge for horse and carts crossing the Conwy river estuary. Now a national trust managed property / asset, visitors are able to head over and check it out, its right next to Conwy castle.

Conwy suspension bridge
Conwy suspension bridge: Image by wikipedia


  1. Sightseeing tour Llandudno

Sightseeing bus tours are available around Llandudno and take you around the best sights in an open top bus..
llandudno: Image by


  1. Great Orme Tramway

Great Orme Tramway is one of the best attractions to visit in Llandudno. Visitors can learn more about great engineering works of Victorian tramcars which take you up to a stunning view of Llandudno’s sweeping bay. G O tramway
Llandudno tramway: Image by


  1. Great Orme Aerial cable cars

The cable cars of Llandudno allow visitors to take get a awesome view of Llandudno Bay Area, the little orme and the great orme. Ive always said the two ways to see north Wales are from the air and by sea. Its over two-mile ride up the slope. It’s Located on the lower slopes of the great Orme.

Cable Car
Cable Car. Image by



  1. Conwy Cruises

Conwy is an excellent place to head out onto the water to do a boat cruise around the bay and take in the sights of the Conwy castle, Conwy river and the beautiful harbour. Visitors can book tickets online.

sighting cruises conwy -
sighting cruises conwy: image by


  1. Conwy boat Fishing

Conwy is an excellent place for visitors to do some boat fishing, north Wales has some of the best fishing anywhere in the UK. Boat fishing is quite a good introductory path to the world fishing . There are various charter boats that operate out of Conwy, Four seasons charter boats are one of the choices available.


Four reasons conwy
Four reasons conwy. Image by unknown


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