Techy Christmas gifts 2018

The Tech and gadget world is changing so fast, its hard to keep up with the latest wave of innovation in the shops these days. What to buy, where to by from and whats the best price, are all the questions I’m trawling through, in order to get my lot, some cool and original Christmas gifts.. With precious little time in my schedule this year, I’m having to get all the gifts before I leave the UK, so  I have resorted to Christmas shopping online.

Yes I know, it bothers me a little too- time is my conundrum. I support the high street a lot, but this time of year is crazy busy at HQ, so I have to get my gifts online. I thought I would compile a list of tech related gifts, while doing some research on a few things and show you whats kinda hot at the moment..

Now by no means am I trend setter myself, more of a trend destroyer. However whilst researching products for another store I would like to set up, I found some fitting products that are both in vogue and quite cool.. I’ve listed them below. Click on the image to see more of the item.


Techy Christmas Gifts 2018.


Portable scuba kit, to breathe underwater for about 10 minutes, used by sailors, scuba enthusiasts and snorkelers. Quite a random gift to start our selection with bit I thought it was quite innovative! The light-weight equipment will enable you to carry the kit conveniently anywhere. All the material is made up of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Yes, yes I know, hardly a tech gift, but more of a nerdy gift, I loved learning to make cocktails and these days you can get a great set up very inexpensively! Quality stainless steel cocktail kit enables you to keep your barware tools in your minibar or kitchen display. This basic toolset is for professionals and beginners who want to prepare the mix of perfect drinks at home.

Wireless charging is something I have yet to dabble with but friends in the city are using it all the time, apparently its the next big thing. Certainly would, beat the 1500 iPhone cable I go through each year..

Wireless charging stand, compatible with cell phones and other charging smart devices. The magnetic surface of the charger ensures to charge your device wirelessly. You need to make sure while placing your device in the centre of the surface. The lightweight, portable and ultra-thin charger is used for home and office.

Very retro, but quite cool. I know a lot of people who love their vinyl, a perfect fit possibly..

The lightweight and portable design which enables playing 3-speed stereo turntable. Almost all the market records can be performed on this player. The material is made up of wood and plastic, and there is an easy-to-control connection panel on the back — ideal for playing music records at home.

I looked at SLR waterproof housings for this blog, but as I know so little I thought I would be walking a thin line with our Instagram community who would have way better ideas than myself! So I opted to show one of the more compact versions, of water proof housing. I use a Olympus Tough camera for snow sports, quite cool.

The tightness and high mechanical strength will enable the protection of your camera. Waterproof material protects the camera and provides a clear view of the control function and camera information. Easy-cleaning, anti-staining fingerprint and dust-proof.


Camera and video bags for the vlogger! – IM not quite there yet where I will need one of these but there are many of you who are very serious about you photography..

Use: Lens*3, DSLR Camera, Lens*2, battery*2, Flash, Tripod Lens, Universal style handbag.The material is made up of polyester. The bag is designed to be utilized by both men and women.


Very cool and something we need to get for sure along with the drone.. next years kit list sure..

The design enables for quick adjustable to any of the smartphones of having a 5.5-inch screen. The battery works for about 4 hours of shooting consistently with a single charge.




Im going to upgrade al of my charges to these, for the car and DC ports, again I go through these like wildfire. Im juts quite good at destroying these and iPhone cables..

Brilliant surge security using wire mode, double shrewd chips with fast charging, 100% fresh out of the plastic new and high calibre. Inconceivable quality, aluminium composite edge, pure copper USB contact point, increasingly durable. Worked in overcurrent, overvoltage assurance, bolster stream charge and shield the charging status


Another quite cool invention that these lithium batteries has facilitated into the main stream.. probably a little more stable the a electric long board for city commutes, would be interested to hear if anyone has used one?!

Foldable and Portable electric scooter which can be easily stored in closets, car trunk and inside compact spaces. Recharge the battery of the scooter and cover 6-12 miles (Depending on the weight and speed). Front and rear brake disc system works exceptional in emergency braking.



Many of my friends are using this style of lock and similar dorbells now..interesting tech!

Smart lock door link not available on amazon. Compatible with both the doors opening left or right. The material of the door lock is made up of metal which ensures corrosion resistance and fireproofing. Buzzes an alarm in the smartphone when there is an abnormal unlock try.


A good one for travellers..probable best suited for backpacks and smaller style packs, but still an innovative solution to theft..

Unique finger impression Lock with High Security-Only approved the person, Could open the bolt by fingerprintup to 10 people. ABS structure and high durability steel wire to anticipate prying or cutting. Structured with hostile to criminal, against dust and water. Tough with Chargeable Battery: Full battery offering 2500-3000 times lock/unlock actions. One Charging Can Support more than 2 Years for Normal Using. Light and compact, viably ensuring your valuables, make your trek more rest guaranteed.

This is very cool…think about this, you need a printer whilst travelling.. Hey presto. No more running around for a internet cafe and paying £2.00 per slice of A4!

This mini Bluetooth printer had a smooth shape and designed in a way to get the perfect grip. This small object is of significant use as you can print your essential material at a convenience. The content on a mobile phone screen can be printed instantly. A single charge gives a standby time of one week


I am just purchase one, to replace the attack neoprene sleeve that I bought about 7 years ago!

Made up of high-quality PU material, durable and soft with the feature of water-proof effect. Magnetic design of the contact, flipping sides are neatly stitched. Perfect size for your Macbook to store. Full protection against dust, shock, scratches and daily damage to the surface of the laptop.

I was purchased a UXE boom for my birthday which was amazing, this is a miller thing but a lot less expensive..

The sound quality on these is flawless, for a little  speaker.. its is both loud and reliable in wet environments. Either let the speaker remain in a side of the tub or stick it to the glass, tile or shower. You can answer approaching calls while in the shower leaving your telephone outside as well..


If your working on a laptop a lot of the time, your workstation should be set up right or you will have neck and back problems. This is a good step in the right direction..

The material of the stand desk dock is made of aluminium alloy. Other features include space saving and allowing the space of 380 mm under the stand. There is a silicon pad at the bottom of the stand to ensure your table is scratchless. The make of the stand is easy to install and use.



These came out back in 2008! I remember reading a tech magazine, in the next ten years they seemed to disappear, until now.. nice bits of kit for impromptu screenings!

Smooth up-to-date design, little and conservative, smaller than expected size and just 10oz. Support 5V/2A convenient power supply input. Utilizes LED light source, only 10-24W however up to 30000 hours life expectancy, environmental protection and energy saving, no mischief to visual sight. 16700K more colors 600 lumens LED brilliance and 320 x 240p resolution (bolster 1080P), can give a clear picture in dim condition.


Another style of wireless mobile /  iPhone charger ad mouse pad system..

The wireless charger can give you high-speed charging which is two times greater than the traditional chargers. Charging your phone by dropping it on the surface of the mouse pad and take it off without any restriction of charging cable.


Pretty cool if your driving and travelling longer stances. I have two, use them to charge the iPad and iPhones. Have a dual usb output..

The portable solar charger consists of an 8W solar panel. Solar-type support is A-grade monocrystalline and provides a USB output of 7W. The weight of the charger is approximately 300 grams. The colors available are black, yellow, green, red, green camouflage, desert camouflage and digital camouflage.


Electric long boards- a new innovative way to make your commute around! Originally Boosted boards where the first to hit the market, made quite famous by Casey Neiststa on youtube! many other brands now bring their own models out.. Im in the market for one myself! I will let you know what I get..

Drones –DJI Mavic drone, pretty much the highest quality drone money can buy right now, for the non pro. Very cool drone, quite expensive yes.. but depends if you can make it pay for itself with a few amazing pics or work..

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone Quadcopter with 24-48mm Optical Zoom Camera Video UAV Adjustable Aperture 12MP 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor (UK Version)

Fitness trackers – Juts bought one of these to begin what will be a more serious training curve, want to check a lot more of my biometrics out. Quite useful bits of kit!

Fitness trackers, Heart Rate Activity Tracker Fitness Watch Waterproof IP67 Blood Pressure Pedometer Smart Watch Bracelet Sleep Monitor Stopwatch For Men Women for iOS



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Front cover image by : Rancho Cucamo


Bit about the blogger : My names Nick Fraser and I’m a local Marine Geologist and Oceanographer. I have moved back to the island of Anglesey for the past four years having grown up here and moved away. I am a passionate outdoor lover with a penchant for all things natural. When I’m not blogging in ofter found climbing or out in the wild in and around north Wales.

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