Christmas Jumper Edition !

Most of the blogs we have written of late, have been very factual and formal and I thought it was high time we shake it up a little, by doing something a bit christmassy, tacky, and garish in line with my sense of humour! So it’s the season of giving, office parties and of course, Christmas jumpers..

I have seen some whoppers this year, and they have had me in stiches laughing, so in the spirit of joviality and cheer, i’ll share my favourites. They range from outright embarrassing to, in some cases, marginally classy. All jokes aside, I think ever since the movie Bridget Jones Diary, back in the day, Christmas jumpers have had a resurgence from the 1980s.

So in fitting with tradition and some festive cheer, I invite you to join me in some ridiculous fashion below and don’t take life so seriously, ill do a deal with you, i’ll wear one if you will?!

Anyhow without further adew, here are amazon’s highest ranked Xmas jumpers for 2018. Brace yourself, I think we will start with the more sensible ones and then degrade into chaos as we go down the list! The listing is mixed for both men women and children and I may even go a bit silly and include some pet examples..

I would love it if some of you actually went out and got some of these, and took selfies in them.. oh the mind boggles we could start a new hashtag for “xmasjumpersnorthwales”?! Take a selfie of you wearing your most crazy Xmas jumpers and please take us with @whatsonnorthwales1 on Facebook, ill post them up en masse!


For her..  Well we will start this blog of with the most sensible and dressy and then move into the chaos that will ensue below. In all fairness, so many of these Xmas jumpers made me laugh, and alas I do have my favourites in the pack..

Quite a formal number I think..

A bit Norwegian and quite classy..

And so it begins!.. ah well its certainly colourful..


Maybe a little Risqué for our blog but I’m sure you lot can handle it!



A classic patch work quilt style.. got love this one..


This one is 3D apparently?!


For him- Oh yes this is where it gets a little interesting.. It seems, after searching for hours through amazon listings that, the male Christmas jumper has gone way more OTT that its female counter part..


Apparently  the one above is the highest grossing male Christmas jumper thus far on amazon, in the UK. Very sensible isn’t it.. far too sensible..

My personal favourite by a mile! But thats because I grew up with Sonic in the 80’s..


Ahh Sonic, again pure genius. Im going to get one!

A little offensive maybe.. look closely at Santa ..

Harry Potter apparently..


I dont know what to say about this..  it was a best seller!!

Tell me you think this is brilliant..They are either going to get in big trouble from tescos, or they will be front page in most of the Xmas magazines!


Again, very clever marketing I thought..

Honestly this one with trump, has made my day !!!


Hows this for a beast?! Lol. Oh my word.



kids Christmas jumpers, which sadly where not as garnish as their adult counterparts.. I was hoping that we would see full wild, batshit crazy Christmas jumpers (apologies for the profanities- its Christmas!)



Dogs Christmas jumpers.. Yes I joke you not.. and even funnier, whilst searching for the in google trends (as you do) one of the other most searched terms was for ” Matching owner and dog xmas jumpers”..  Made me giggle !


Well there we have it ..That was fun writing that! Makes change from all the very serious beachy stuff.. Maybe thats it from now on, pure crazyness in the future blogs to follow, i’ll let you guys decide 😉

Just for transparency guys, these are affiliate links in the blog which means if anyone was brave enough to purchase one of the crazy jumpers below, through our link (just click each picture) we would get a 1-3% commission by amazon. It’s a small way we can monetise the blog & make enough to buy our coffees to keep me and the freelancers caffeinated and motivated to produce loads more content for you all! Nick



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Bit about the blogger : My names Nick Fraser and I’m a local Marine Geologist and Oceanographer. I have moved back to the island of Anglesey for the past four years having grown up here and moved away. I am a passionate outdoor lover with a penchant for all things natural. When I’m not blogging in ofter found climbing or out in the wild in and around north Wales.

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