Top attractions at the Eisteddfod 2017

Every year, the first week of August brings with it the National Eisteddfod. This is a major Welsh celebration of both the culture and language of the area. Just about any Welsh local you speak with will tell you how much they enjoy the festival and believe it to be a good show of their heritage. This year the festival has returned to Anglesey for the first time in years.

To help you prepare for the festival we have gathered a list of top activities for you to try while at the festival

Watch and Listen to The Gorsedd Ceremony

The Gorsedd Ceremony is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and it is a tradition in which the best poets and writers of the Welsh world are honored. Don’t just get to see the writer be honored but get to experience a sample of their work while they are on stage.

Check Out The Eisteddfod Science And Technology Pavilion

Science and technology might not be interesting to everyone but everyone will have a fun time as Welsh scientists and technology experts show off some of the coolest tech in their pavilion. You will also enjoy the daily chemistry show as you watch something new happen every day.

Night time Entertainment

One of the most memorable moments of the festival is the night time (or late evening) shows. Every night there is a different show for a cheaper ticket rate. From classical music to poetry and even comedy, you will find a variety of entertainment meant for the whole family to enjoy.

Yearly Y Lle Celf Art Gallery

Every year the Y Lle Celf art gallery has an exhibit that is exclusive to the Eisteddfod. Take the time to walk this exhibit as well as to take a look at some of the other visual art they have on display. It will be an experience that will awe you.

Shop The Maes

Eisteddfod has a collection of shops that set up just for the festival along the Maes. Each one of these set ups contains a real special treat for shoppers young and old. No matter who you are, you will enjoy the time spent browsing and might even find a few things that tickle your fancy.

Catch The Competition

Starting this year there will be a new pavilion, one full of competition of all sorts. Carrying on the long standing tradition of healthy Welsh competition, the Eisteddofd festival this year will have a pavilion in which people will compete in music, dance, drama, and more. Each performance is aimed to be culturally relevant to make it more meaningful.

View The Live Performances

Bands and other sounds from around Wales come to the Eisteddfod for a live performance. This open air experience gives you a wonderful experience that only those that attend get. Line ups are available on the Eisteddfod website.

Learn Welsh

Do you like the idea of learning Welsh? Then you should take the time to stop at the Maes D section to learn a little bit of Welsh. There will be people present to give you some information about Welsh learning.

Celebrate Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl is a Welsh literary genius who was born 100 years ago. The Eisteddfod is celebrating his history with literary events and activities for kids. There will even be a big birthday party for Dahl that people can attend. The details are on the event website.

Explore The Area

Part of the Welsh tradition is to explore and be friendly with those around. Take the time to walk around the festival and meet those who are there. Plenty of opportunities exist to meet unique peoples. Walking through pavilions that you may not have originally expected to enjoy will at least give you a cultural experience to talk about.

There are plenty of things to experience at the Eisteddfod festival. Make sure that you schedule to have plenty experience. At least one whole day is required to experience a whole day’s worth of activities.


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