Cycling around Holy Island

If your wondering what to do on your stay in North Wales we thought we’d give you some inspiration for a perfect Sunday ride around parts Holy Island.. A pre breakfast bike around Holyhead mountain and Porthdaffach at pace to wake the engine up. What a day it has been here with the blue skies and bright sunshine extending all the way across the Llyn Peninsular, lighting Snowdonia and the rest of North wales up. You just have to get out on days like this and make the most of the clear blue skies, as soon the weather turns..

Today’s ride I must have passed 50 cyclists which is a testament to how popular these areas are for a ride. The hills and varied terrain give fitness levels a great blast and you can pick and choose the type of ride you want here, there are so many variables you can choose from. Hills, long routes, middle of nowhere routes and really middle of nowhere routes, ones where you have to take an OS map to find your way home..yes even on Anglesey. You can get lost big style if you want.

The caravans and campers have already begun tricking onto the island for England’s Easter break half term. Its nice to see the campsites getting busy and filling up again. With it comes walkers and bikers and hikers, the island vibe begins to pick up and its all starts again. I must admit I really enjoy the Island when it gets busy again, its like the hibernation is over and the life gets injected back into the area again for the summer months.

What was noticeable on the  ride today was the plant and animal life around, Its now alive and well after the onslaught of the winter storms.. Plants are in the beginning stages of bloom, the trees are in bud and I’ve seen some grass snakes, common lizards and peregrine falcons just in the past few days. The ride takes the loop from Newry beach up to south stack and around the range area on Holy Island, it skirts the coastal road and drops down to Porthdaffach beach. You have two choices there, carry on towards Treaddur bay. The longer of the two serves you with stunning views of Porth Y Post beach, and the further stretches of Porthdaffach to Treaddur. Its a stunning ride when the sunlight is glistening off the water.

Before the drop into Porthdaffach there is a campsite called Blackthorn farm, which is very popular for campers, views to die for and a well presented site. Across the road from this there is a road leading perpendicular to the main road. If you cycle down the road for 100 m you will see the most magnificent set of standing stones from the bronze age. Opinions differ on the age of these, but needless to say they are rather prominent and no one really knows much about their purpose, origins and function, but more of that again. Pop and have a look even if you are heading off to Porthdaffach its worth a five minute detour. With the mountain back drop it makes for an interesting site.

You can let the breaks go for the next set of down hill section to Porthdaffach beach. A nice road will sweep you around to a monster down hill section  where you can hit 35+ if you’ve got the kahunas. note of warning, the bottom of the hill gets gusts off the sea, I’ve had speed wobbles here that have put the creepers in me. If your not in a rush, stop and take five at the beach, its such a stunning cove.  We spearfish, paddle and swim here often, super safe bay with little tide..

Next was a cycle down past the Outdoor activity center and past the old witches rock (Craig y Bwgan) and into Holyhead. Makes for a nice rode to head back along the beach road, via salt island and Mackenzie pier. Was  great to see the first of the seasons boats arriving at Holyhead Sailing clubs moorings. They have been empty and dormant all winter long. Soon they will be full and the hustle begins again. The harbour bistro cafe was full with people having alfresco food on the veranda.

A nice swift thirty mins to one hour can get loop done in time for breakfast, its around 5-9 miles depending on route and its quite an easy ride with a few hills.. If your feeling up for it and want to raise the stakes a bit you could cycle up to the top of south stack and down on your way around, this will give the engine a wake up call and the views are well worth it. The views over Treaddur bay, Holy Island and Anglesey are spectacular and the light house looks great too. If you have kids they want to dismount and walk parts as its quite a steep hill, but as adult you have no excuses! Get out on your bike this spring and see the sights whilst the weather is in favor..



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