Rockpooling and foraging at Porth Trecastell, Anglesey. 

With the Big spring tides that are upon us, it’s a great excuse to go explore the inter tidal region of the beaches and rocks across the Anglesey shoreline. This weekend, low water occurs around 1600-1700 UK time and the tides are super low. We make a point of exploring beaches coves and rocky outlets for new spearfishing, snorkelling and Boat fishing spots. Yesterday we headed to Cable bay or Porth Trecastell as we call it. It’s just a five minute drive from Rhosneigr on Anglesey. With the tide right at low on our arrival we made for the bottom of the beach to see what delights we could find. It’s an excellent time to look for seaweeds also if your a fellow forager. The extreme low water region is well out of the way of most sludge and nasty flotsomes so with a little bit of knowledge you can tell what’s edible and what’s not very easily. I will do  a more in depth blog on Anglesey seaweeds and their types and some hotspots of where to find them for you all. Rockpool’s are deep and very inviting so bring a bucket, net and some wellies. I take a knife and gloves also as I use it as prime fishing tackle finding time! Gloves are worn to rip out line and knives to cut off anything too stubourn for bare hands. We Spotted plenty of small fish, crabs, small edible crabs, prawn shrimps and much more, light was fading fast and the cold temperature took its toll on the iPhone battery so we didn’t get many astounding picture this time- however there is a big tide again tomorrow and I will endeavour to get out again to photograph some sea shore goodies. I bagged a few fishing weights and a load of plastics for the bin but not much more on this trip. More of a recci. Anyhow get exploring your beaches on these spring tides on Anglesey and see what you find. Remember a few things – spring tides come in super quick so don’t venture anywhere you can’t get back from handy. Carry a mobile and if your heading out solo tell someone where your going. Lastly check the tides and daylight hours – don’t get benighted! Have fun!

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