Anglesey beach and Cove wanderings 

With still some fair weather on the island this weekend we kicked off our weekend mini adventures to go and scope out some cliff jumping spots ready for summer at Porth Tre castell – Cable Bay, Near Rhosneigr on Anglesey. At the beach we headed off to the left to look at some bouldering climbs and then over to the cliff above for a feel for the height at low water.. Ben a great friend and Guide accompanied us for our wanderings. The Anglesey Coastal path runs around the beaches and coves we walked around.

Great little cave that leads you down to a lower tier for cliff jumps that are more manageable! Cable bay Burial tomb ( Baclodiad y gawres in Welsh) in the back ground to the right – there are great views from there.

The top play form for the high jump. Looks quite spicy! We estimate 35-40ft. You need High water to jump this rock we are assured by many friends and locals.

Looks quite a jump! Some rocks are below so a good leap will be required. Sandy bottom beyond so it seems very good.

Then below we headed to our secret cove that we sunbathe on in the summer it’s away from the crowds so you can escape the crowds!


Plenty of drift wood to be had as always..this was a bit of a surprise actually as the beach isn’t really a great one for that, but with the winter storms you can always find a treasure or two.

My family have also done Geo caching here with my Nephew so it could be a fun thing to do with the little ones.

Ben spoilt for choice with drift treasures. Ben often makes unusual candle holders and other homely creative arts from these tasty bits, must say they look fantastic.
Further around the next cove again we find another little cove which I will mark for spear fishing. Great rock pools and lovely sandy patches of seabed running out. Perfect for flatfish!

Of course a trip to the beach would. Oh be complete without a home made sea saw now would it?

The return trip was a gathering mission of drifts and return to base with the spoils.

Then onto Chaplins coffee house and amazing ice cream shop to have a chat with Owner John and have a warming coffee and a healthy  smoothie. Ben getting green and healthy after a previous night on the red wine!

Ben is the manager and runner of the local surf shop Funsport in Rhosneigr. He is also the the owner and organizer of the local festival Parkjam an amazing Kite surfing festival in later October each year. He is also a Kite surf in coach and all round water man so if your in the area and after advice on the blue stuff he’s your man.

If you have any great walks or secret beautiful coves that you visit when your on Anglesey leave a comment below and tell us where you favourites are 🙂 

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