Winter time Driftwood and glass hunting on Anglesey..

Why not head out this winter and scour the shores in Anglesey and North Wales for some nice driftwood??!

Driftwood can make the most beautiful creative implements for your home from lampshades to bed frames to mirrors there are a whole host of fantastic creative products which you can make. Some of which are just beautiful. I have seen Christmas trees made from them I have seen decorative mobiles hanging from the ceiling and we have seen so many beautiful products created from this free resource that is covered on the shores of the island of Anglesey. Its free, fun to collect and gets you out on those cold winter days before you settle down with your cream teas in front of a log fire.

We love to go hunting trip we often go and do sunset walks to different beaches and end up dragging back massive amounts of driftwood that we find washed up on our favorite secret little coves on the island and we have been refining ways of doing this over the past couple of years with my girlfriend.

This outing that took place a couple of days ago was too little beach that is situated at the bottom of South Stack , Just past from the Village of Llaingoch on Holy Island or Holy head as its called. Its at the bottom of the hill from the RSPB bird reserve We often go there after a big storm after a storm you can find the most amazing things that are washed up the pushed up from from the tides and currents of the north-west Irish Sea and some are even pushed up all the way across from the Atlantic.

Making our way down
The new improved walkway down to the cove
View of the beach at sunset

There was a great story from a friend of mine David Phillips who is a local bush craft instructor  he is called the Coastal Wanderer. I have taken part in a couple of his courses and I love the guy to pieces he is the perfect example of a great Bushcraft Instructor. He is a former chef and a former of Ghillie. which is like a game reserve warden in Scotland. Anyway he was walking the shores of New-borough Beach, on Anglesey, when he found to big fishing boys we call them dam boys with flags on and they both had a name on it I don’t recall what the name of the vessel that was written along the buoys but needless to say the same name was written on both of these big polystyrene dam buoys with flags on. The buoys were not attached but they were positioned 300 m apart on the beach.

David took the boys home and he investigated the name and he found that they came from Florida from a fishing vessel!! so some fishing tackle had been discarded or broken off and had drifted all the way across we the Atlantic and arrived in a little beaches in in New borough. Isn’t that incredible!! So you can find the most beautiful treasures you know and the most fantastic stories washed up on our shores and all you need to do is go for a sunset walk.

There are many beautiful beaches that have a large amounts of sandy shores which catch and receive lots of floating debris which we call flotsam and you can find the most interesting of artifacts some of my favorites are new bra Aberffraw and SouthStack, Rhoscollin,Silver Bay, Cymuran and Rhosneiger. And there are many more! just by local 1:50,000 OS map of the Anglesey (Insert link) and start circling some of the beaches facing a West or South west direction, the reason for this is the storms that come in from these directions and often bring in all the goodies tot he shore! this is a little good tip to see you from being a local and growing up here and doing this since the age of five!.

Anglesey 1:50,000 OS MAP


Also one of the favorites that we like to go looking for Is beach glass and I have become somewhat of an addict! It is fascinating what washes up on beaches and there is so much beautiful drift glass washed up on beaches and you can make many beautiful things from it..We like to collect the green at the very difficult to find blue glass and all these beautiful ornate rounded pieces that are washed up on the beaches.

Some of the seasons spoils from our glass collecting missions!


Be careful and picking the glass especially if little people are involved and take a pair of gloves because it in some cases it can be sharp. Another little tip is when you go out looking for driftwood please always check the tides check the size the tides check whether it’s coming and going out you don’t Wanna be left stranded somewhere! and take a mobile and let someone know where you going. I have found myself and you don’t climb down cliffs just to get driftwood believe me I have done it.. So be safe!

There are many beaches Across Anglesey and North Wales that you can walk along that are easy access go gain access to long open swathes of shoreline. A super super tip is buy a sledge and you can also carry the wood to the sledge as you walk across the beach, pulling it gently along behind you.

What I would urge everyone to do if they going to pick driftwood is to take a strong carrier bag also pick up some plastics as you’re going about doing your drift wood pic. If everyone picked up ten pieces of plastic from the beach it would transform our beaches in no time at all!! They really do need a good spruce up after a winter because also a lot of plastics get washed onto the shore and you know they’re really bad for the environment for the fish for our birds ..So happy hunting hope you if you like the blog gives a thumbs up and look forward to speaking to you can see you bye-bye !

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