Early morning shoot

Clear skied winter mornings are here a great time for those among us who are into a spot of wild fouling aka (duck hunting) whilst the weather is in our favor. Being very new to the spot of wild fouling i am not really in a strong position to advise on the sport but, i must say being given the opportunity to feed your self in the most human self sufficient manner is quite exciting. I must here in make the point that i am not a blood sport advacist in any way shape or form and only hunt for my own food and nothing more. I dont shoot vermin although i do have land rights to do so if i wish. I think its the way we all used to feed ourself personally before the time of Tesco and wait rose! So its a step back towards our ancestry roots. It also connects you with nature and your food in very real way. Without going down the whole political route on shooting, i think if more people had to shoot or hunt, prepare and cook their own meat then id say the planet would be 90% vegetarian- so its a strong reality check in doing so. As a former vegetarian of 6 years i can attest to this! Anyhow there are many places doing shoots this time of year as hunting season is upon us in the North Wales region. The place we like to go to shoot clays is Anglesey shooting school or Presaddfed hall which is a great place to get some practice in. Its open from March until september and does various sporting shoot packages from 25-100 bird shoots on the clays. Prices are very reasonable. Another place albeit a bit further up the track is North wales schooting school, based in Flitshire. We get our shotgun cartridges from a good friend who owns and runs his own RFD (Recommended firearms dealer) in LLanrwst, called Conwy Valley Guns and also the helpful boys at Gwynedd firearms at Bangor. There are numerous estates that organise pheasant shoots also this time of year such as the Bodfuan shoot on the Llyn peninsular. To those newer to me than the sport, there are quite serious rules to adhere to with shooting and you should go speak to your local gun shop before jumping in with booth feet first! You have to have a Shotgun and or firearms licence, a locked gun cabinate that is inspected by the police, and you have to have land rights to shoot on. So its not a quick process! But dont let that put you off, just do your homework first for sure, to avoid any nasty surprises! Also take care with guns they are serious bits of kit and require proper maintenance and care to function correct. Have fun!

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