Late season snorkeling on Anglesey!

Can you believe its December? We cant! We took advantage of a very welcomed 2 week sunny spell to don our winter wet-suits and go for a splash! Beach of choice was on Holy Island and its a westerly facing cover called Porth-Y Post. The water visibility was good enough to get about and not swim into rocks face first, which was a bonus this time of the year. With the water having such a prolonged spell of settled weather, the water was almost gin clear. Well for the Island anyhow! It wasent certainly a marathon session, more a gentle swim and explore. John my co partner in crime, took to it as if he had grown gills. We brought our spear guns also in case we say a tasty morsel or two for lunch (Editors note ** NO fish where harmed during this blog post!) It was excellent to just be in the water and have a splash around. The sun disappeared after we climbed in but that didn’t deter our optimism!. Just goes to show you can take advantage of late Autumn / Winter condition’s and get in the water and see our fabulous coast line and all things maratime. What did we see of note? Well we often see Dab, Flounder and Plaice (Flatfish) and I have seen Bass in this cove too. Lobster, small pollack and crab are normal here as well as Blennys of all sorts and Rocklings. Its a underwater paradise when the sea state is right. If you want to know more about the various Flora and Fauna of the island and the British Isles as a whole, then have a look at Seashore by Collins Gem and or British coastal wildlife by Collins. As a bit of a safety note, make sure you always buddy up with someone, you wear buoyancy equipment and you take some sort of high viz SMB (surface marker buoy ) towed along with you, this gives any boats or water craft the know that you are there. Take care and enjoy!

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